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  1. It's appears I'm now an Orange.  Do I win a prize?  What happens when I get to 9/9?

    1. RickR


      Orange is the new black. 

  2. Don't ya think they feel like that sometimes?


  3. Q. What should you do after your Nintendo game ends in a tie?

    A. Ask for a Wii-match!

  4. Q. How does a computer get drunk?

    A. It takes screenshots!

  5. Don’t use “beef stew” as a computer password. It’s not stroganoff.

  6. IO, IO, it's off to Atari IO I go, da dada da, da dada da, da, da, da da... 

  7. Jump starting an alternative requires a team effort...

  8. If it's smaller, you're paying more!

  9. If we want to build it, we have to do it together, a single poster attracts no crowd.

    1. Justin


      YES 🙌 I appreciate ALL of you who help build our little community by reach out to invite friends from all over the classic gamingsphere to join us! I can't do it all on my own, none of us can. It takes all of us to reach out and invite others to join us. Inviting a friend to join us for High Score Squad is a nice ice breaker!

  10. I think I'll be spending more time here from now on...

    1. Justin


      Welcome @- Ω - we're happy to have you in our community! We'd love to support more TI activity here. Let me know what we can do to help :wreck-it-ralph:

    2. HDN
  11. New video just for you guys at Atari.io

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    2. Rowsdower70


      Man, what a cool battlestation! Great vid, thanks :)

    3. Zontar


      great to have another TI fan here. thanks for the video!

    4. - Ω -

      - Ω -

      Thank's guy's! That setup is my baby.

  12. I'm going to try to start looking in here more often.

    1. Rowsdower70
    2. RickR


      You are always welcome here.

    3. Justin


      We love having you here! It's great to have some real enthusiasm for the TI :)

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