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  1. Here is something... do you know how it's related to the TI?
  2. Yep, this is going to be a work along (with you) project! So far what you see is what we have for the front cover. Let make a cool retro-style TI-99/4A catalog with things available today. So, we need some graphics and ideas for the empty space below... anything you would like to see added to the cover?
  3. - Ω -

    3D Images

    Now for something truly "timely", three images from the NASA Perseverance Rover newly landed on the planet Mars!
  4. This thread will be for "anything & everything" that does not fit into a defining space. If can be a 'one off', an 'off topic', a photo, cartoon, comment or whatever. If it's interesting enough to you, that you'd like to share, GO FOR IT! 👍 Here is a little something to get the ball rolling... Calendar 3-21.zip
  5. Oh, here is the teaser video I made for it last year, it intentionally does not show all the good parts... cause I want you to find them yourself!
  6. Here is a NEW game that took a few years to develop, that was released last Christmas. I'd like to upload the PDF manual shown above, by this site will not allow me to upload a 12.6 megabyte file. Sorry. Anyway the game can be played in Classic 99 or put onto a FlashROM or FinalGROM. ENK8.bin
  7. Thanks, I've spent a few years on it. Thanks. Yes, it's all internal inside the console... and I can still use the TI keyboard as well.
  8. 4 days zero downloads. I dunno if no one likes the game, or if you all already have it. I guess I'll have to pick out another one...
  9. Actually, all you would need to do it cut and paste it into Classic 99 and then save it to the TI. Post a BASIC program and I'll make a quick video showing you how easy it is.
  10. I noticed the video in message #1 was 6 years old and no longer available (deleted), so I decided to update with the latest photo of my system.
  11. - Ω -

    Mega Cartridge?

    Well, Defender, Q*Bert, Popeye and River Raid needed a little help. When I got them their labels were totatal trash, so I had to remake the labels. Defender was a little more difficult as I needed to buy special silver cardstock to print the image on.
  12. No need for apologies. Sadly new copies are no longer available of that game, but every once in a while a used copy comes up for sale. I suck at the game personally, but because of it's uniqueness and total awesomeness it's the only boxed game I've ever wanted to have. Tursi is one of the TI greats to be sure, and a great guy too.
  13. Hey guys, should I make a promotional video for this section of ATARI.IO once we get something to look at?
  14. No kidding! There can be a lot of "issues" for a Newbie when it comes to getting a beige unit. The worst problem is the keyboard itself, most of those units have a Mitsumi (membrane) keyboard that self-destructs over time. Not being able to run third-part cartridges can be another issue with a good portion of them, so I steer all newbies to the black and silver version that says 1981 on the screen. It took me eight freaking years to FINALLY locate a non-Mitsumi in good condition that would also work with non-GROM cartridges. I'm now using it as my "portable system". Yes, portable, I've been known to take my TI with me when I go places. 😄
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