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  1. Well, about the only way that would ever happen is if someone sent me a 7800 unit for free (including shipping) anong with a multi-cart full of games, and paid for return shipping on a TI-99/4A unit.. cause I'm outta room. And since THAT will never happen, I'll never know the pleasure that can be obtained from a 7800.
  2. I think it would be nice to have a port of the TI-99/4A game called Parsec. Will it ever happen? Highly doubtful, but that's my addition to this thread.
  3. - Ω -

    eBay FAILS

    I've purchased a lot of things off of Ebay (over 400 items) and only had problems with 2 items. The first PARTIAL fail was a Wico Joystick... the guy showed a stock image, what arrived was a joystick with rust on the shaft, no rubber feet and dirty. He offered a full refund, but since I was able to restore it, I countered with a partial refund and was accepted. Now my biggest FAIL was a DVD set. I should have paid attention to the country of origin, anyway after being a month late, showing it was never even sent, I filed a claim and was awarded a full refund. Then the guy sends it, and asks me to pay, I decided to wait for it to arrive and then pay. I'm glad I waited, because what arrived were DVD-R's with hand scribbled text of a bootlegged home recorded copy... and even missing one DVD with that should have contained 4 episodes. I didn't pay him squat! I figured the delay in shipping was because he had to use a screen grabber to steal all the episodes and that took a long time.
  4. That's probably because I made the two labels I put on my cartridge myself. I didn't like the one that came with it. He also makes a matching 32K case...
  5. Yeah, but I've never been one for the status quo when there is a need for invention/innovation. I'm betting some little control circuit (before the switch) could be installed and as soon as power was applied turn the unit on, in this way, those remote power units like the ones Justin posted would work. Many have spent untold hundreds on video upgrades, super joysticks, trackballs multi-carts and the like, so what's a few more bucks for added convenience?
  6. Well, it is a little larger, but much smaller than a trackball unit. In my case I'll be able to box up the y-cable, controller and flightstick. I'll keep them though as I'm sure I'll be needing them now and again. In the end, for me at least this will be more manageable. I'm kinda interested in knowing how this will work with Tempest. It should be fine for my three favorite games (at the moment), which are Bosconian, Qix and Thetris.
  7. I just ordered this joystick today, so I'm going to have to wait for a couple of weeks for it to arrive... ... when it arrives, I'll finish that Bosconian video.
  8. Of the ones you mentioned, only Pole Position is one I play.
  9. Well, I decided not to wait on something someone else may do in the future as I've been the victim of vaporware too many times over the decades, so I decided to go with the here and now unit. I value your advice in these matters @RickR, so...
  10. I never got around to purchasing a second joystick for my holder...
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