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  1. Yea I use to compare the NES hardware with the 7800 later as I find out more info on the 7800 specs and wonder how Atari dropped the ball, but looking back, they just lost so much money they didn't really care too much for the gamer liked they should (IE WarnerBrothers) and saw a great product that could sell like slice bread considering how well the 2600 did. Even looking at the Atari 5200, which was basically the Atari 800 computer; even with the graphic chip the way it was, it still had way more leverage over the NES due to the amount of RAM the system was packing. Nintendo just had a better formula for making home games versus the shovel-ware the 2600 was getting... It was just so much hype, I guess because it was so much money in the air back in those days they just lost sight of things and let precious opportunities slip through their fingers. Didn't mean to rant on like that, but when I think of the "Atari System 1", I always think of the Atari 7800, which was out around the same year 1984... It was also the year I was in first grade remembering all of the Atari hype that was previously around before the NES debut so... lol 🤣 It's great memories for me as well.
  2. I was just watching some of the video and Atari really just built a great name for themselves back in the early 80s... It's too bad they never consolized the "Atari System 1"; at one time I use to think that the 7800 was Atari attempt to bring arcade games like Road Blaster and Indiana Jones to the household until I researched the history. I would love to home-brew for the Atari System 1 and did some search on the hardware, but it looks like some has already manage to pull off something on the old arcade hardware.
  3. It would've been cool if Atari added extra memory to the CD unit for the Jaguar... Also I was looking at the "Motorola 68881 FPU" and thought it a nice addition to the CD unit. If you look at the "Sega CD" it had added features like a faster 68000 with hardware to support scaling and rotating. Being that the Jags 68K and DSP are the only processors to have full access memory, every little resource would've helped. Is it possible to use the 68881 to control a CD unit...? Just a geek having fun with ideas, that's all. 😉
  4. Seems like a good idea... Even with the Jag as it currently stands I often thought about the back ports on the current Jag adding some memory through those ports... To my understanding I think the DSP would be the only processor to have such access to something like that. The GPU OP probably wouldn't allow any access to any extra memory from the back unless my understanding of the Jaguar is flawed. The GPU back port is meant to display images only via the video chip receiving images from the OP; haven't find any documents to dispute those facts, which is shame for the GPU not to have access to extra memory without a workaround that's taxing to the system.
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