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  1. No, not talking about these 2 consoles again, sort of anyway.
  2. 69500. Emulated on my lap top, USB game pad playing live on IG tonight. Video will he posted sold
  3. OH MY!!!! I have been so busy I miss this. I know what tonights Sunday Night Instagram Live will be!!!!
  4. I love taking something old and giving it new life. That said when it is a creation from someone else past it can be a bit touchy. Anxiety on red alert. This kit was someones work of art, their creative outlet in the time in witch it was created. No matter, some things need to be restored and given new life. I am more than happy to do so. In fact it's an honor. Someone its giving you something VER PERSONAL regardless if they feel so or not. Regardless of the extent I do or do not put my spin on a restoration I try to retain something, even a small part of what was there to start with. Thanks to @btbfilms76 for entrusting me with small slices of your childhood, even if you do not take it as serious as I do.
  5. Huge thanks to @nosweargamer This is an amazing package. Lots of little treasures, just my speed. Video is family friendly!
  6. WOW. These scores are amazing. Sorry guys, I have been CRAZY busy to keep at it. I did squeak 2 videos and 1 day of just play time out of it. Wicked fun game that I will continue to jam on.
  7. WOW! Fantastic collection.
  8. I got a decent start on the scope mount, had to cut it short but at least there is progress and it is not just parts in a box.
  9. Ok @atarilbc If you want PM me your address and I can get out a few 2600/7800 dust sleeves to ya next book shipment day.
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