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  1. This will be a "Creep trys" video on my channel. lol
  2. New old stock? Old SKU that was never used? New manufactured console??? Who knows but if you want a brand new Wii, Dell has you covered. LOL https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/accessories/apd/aa530968#polaris-pd
  3. Again, so soon. wow. Riddle of the Sphinx and Sneak 'n Peak for the 2600 please. @Mr Toon you're up.
  4. Oh and as a side note if you wanted to have some fun, the 4.6 in the Crown Vic is the same motor used in the Mustang GT of the time. It would be easy to build that bad boy up and make a sleeper out of it! I DID! lol
  5. Congrats!!! I have had a few Crown Vics in the past, love them and wish they were still being made. ENJOY the new wheels yo.
  6. This round I think I will go with Chopper Command and Moon Patrol for the 2600 please and thank you.
  7. I was wondering why the Tandyvision wasn't snagged up by you. In fact I was out right shocked. lol
  8. I dont want to sound smug but to keep up with this I made a list of my desires before it started. As people took things I crossed it off so I know where I am at. IDN, hoping this helps also.
  9. Not much better but moving in the right direction. 63600
  10. @Mr Toon see what you did? Now neither of us have it. Hope you're happy now. haha
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