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  1. New BLOG post. 


  2. So it sucks having to put a mask on every time we go out. Sucks but important. There is no reason however we can't make it a little fun. STRONG LANGUAGE
  3. 90500 tonight live before my thumb gave up on me. (Its in a sling). Retron 77 with a Ranger controller
  4. YOU DID IT!!!!!! 


    1. RickR


      No YOU did it!  Congrats and keeping my fingers crossed for a cure.  Thank you for doing such a good thing.


    2. Atari Creep

      Atari Creep

      Appreciate that Rick. For reals man.

    3. Justin


      Congratulations Atari Creep!! Keep it going!

  5. You folks KILLED it. Goal reached in record time. In fact, 2020 is the first year I met that goal. We have been very close before but never hit it. I can not thank you ALL enough. Lets take a moment to celebrate but after get back to work. So much more to do. Goal met, now we destroy it.
  6. Another child hood memory back on my shelf. STRONG LANGUAGE
  7. The official Creep 2020 END ALZ shirts now available. Learn more here: 


  8. The Creeps 2020 Walk to END Alzheimers Tee is now available to purchase. ALL proceeds go to the Alzheimers Association. You can also get the design on stickers, mugs, face masks and much more. Thanks to you all for your continued support and helping to make this bigger and bigger every year. *This site is an OFFICIAL sponsor and without Atari.IO my campaigns would not be as successful as they are. Unfortunately because the name "Atari" is in the title of the site I am unable to place you folks on the shirt. It got removed because of a trademark thing. I want to be very clear!!!! Atari IO is such an important member to my campaign and it hurts to not be able to thank acknowledge that on things like this. This community has my utmost respect and love. THANK YOU ALL!!! GET YOUR SHIRT TODAY>>> https://www.teepublic.com/user/atari-creep <<< GET YOUR SHIRT TODAY
  9. The scores in the one are insane!!! man, I am not sure if its encouraging or discouraging! LOL Just playing. Man you folks are great. Keep em coming.
  10. Good to be back in the IO. Now if only my thumb would heal I can get down to jamming on some games!

    1. Justin



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