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  1. Thanks so much Storm!!!!
  2. Anyone else notice the @hyperkin SupraRetron and PSOne in the new #childsplay trailer?
  3. HAHA thanks man. That image of me was left over from a previous videos thumb. It was a I'm frustrated so lets chat video. Figured it kind of fit here too.
  4. No dude, thats great. My main worry is when the console is no longer suppirted and the games go bye bye. Again, that will be the new reality to future generations and I am sure they will be whatever about it. Its the going back a number of years latter to enjoy the past that bumms me out. Great response bro, thanks.
  5. Hey guys. I wanted to post this here rather than my thread in the YouTube community because I wanted to start a conversation and also learn from you kool kats. I am not very up to date on my modern gaming knowledge and may have gotten a few things wrong, so this is why I ask this. Thanks. STRONG LANGUAGE
  6. Oh in that case on my last run I got 736525485846273 give or take. LMAO Just playing, Thanks Justin!!!!!!! I have no doubt honesty is thick in this community.
  7. If you are emulating I know on OpenEmu there is a screen pause feature. I just leave the mouse over the screen so that task bar is always there and as soon as I see the GAME OVER screen I hit pause right away. Thats how I got around that though I can't seem to get a better score than last run. LOL Hope this helps.
  8. Nice!!! This is going to be a tough one for me but here is my first stab... 39000 OpenEmu with a USB game pad. ***WARNING*** I use a bit more strong language than I normally do guys. SORRY. P.S. This is not live yet!!!! Exclusive IO Forum preview. lol
  9. So I was randomly sent one of them cheap handheld consoles with a ton of stolen new rims built in. decided to do a review on it. I posted it in the YouTube community should you be interested enough to check it out!

    1. Justin


      Hey it's worth making a video for right?

    2. Atari Creep
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