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  1. Awesome bro! Since you won my give away maybe it might be better to take me out of this one. Just so no one can cry like a baby if in the chance I win something here. Either way let me k ow what i can do to help and best of luck bro.
  2. DUDE!!!!!! Amazing work bringing her back to life. WOW!
  3. FANTASTIC scores all around.
  4. My ALL TIME fav scary game is Silent Hill for the Original PlayStation. Thanks bud for these generous giveaways.
  5. I feel ya bro. Keep it interesting. 31 flavors for a reason, ya know?
  6. 15510 Emulating using a usb gamepad.
  7. I'm with @RickR on this about the timing. It was just a busy time. Hearing from them might help better. Only they can say for sure but I would guess it was due to it being Intellivision. Not as common in collections and emulating can be tricky. In my case I could only shoot up, down, left and right but I made due. I wouldn't let that alter anything though, we have had some great INTV turn outs in the past.
  8. You kind of get used to it after a bit. If you think about the controls that's when ya start having issues.
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