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  1. Join me tonight, 8:00 PM EST for the live premier of my End Alzheimer's / GIVEAWAY video!!!! Hope to see you all there, you won't want to miss this one!!!
  2. Rad giveaway going down. Click here for info. 


  3. Hey guys. Its that tine again. Time when I bug you endlessly for donations to the Alzheimer's Association. This year I am kicking off the campaign with a rad giveaway. The walk itself will be on September 22nd in Cambridge, MA. More info and a video coming later tonight. Thanks as always to the Atari IO community for all your support every year!
  4. HE IS MAKING THEM AVAILABLE! So after talking with him and making my video, Mike has decided he is going to make some of these available. I am not sure when exactly nor how many but I would keep an eye on his eBay store and or his twitter pages if you are interested in one. https://twitter.com/retrogameboyz https://t.co/vZW4Enum8o In the meantime, here are a few updated images!!! NOTE, That is a test print for the decal. He has professional high quality decals on the way for the controllers.
  5. Such a close one!!!!! Had a ton of fun with this game, still playing it in fact.
  6. Tried to make things interesting with a bit of everything. Feel free to ask questions and if you would like more images, let me know! No set prices, mainly looking to get enough for a 7800 and anything above that will go to my Alzheimer's Walk!!! Even trade for a 7800 would be fantastic, you can have all of it! MAKE OFFERS Cash and Trades are welcome. Please account for shipping from Boston in your case offers. Thanks guys. All 3 are complete Jaws has no manual and in after market case. European Inport. 100% Complete. Of Course I have to toss in my own work too. LOL Model kit is open but complete.
  7. Oh and speaking of them, ALMOST FORGOT!!!
  8. They are so unique for the time, hell even for now. I plan to get a bunch of the space related figures and do a video in the future. There are a few that cost a bit more than I would like to pay. Look up the xRay Adventure People. THEY ARE WICKED RAD!!!!
  9. She has her jets now. Almost 100% complete.
  10. After the Bruins game i am so checking this out.
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