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  1. Edmund Fitzgerald sunk 45 years ago today. We watched the little memorial thing virtually. And yes, I played the song. What a tragic tale.

    1. chas10e


      Think I watched a Documentary of this on the History Channel. and heard the song on the radio quite a few times.


  2. OMG you guys!  I just got something spectacular.  A really old 12" Sony TV.  From the 1970's.  It's got a wood case!  It needs to be cleaned up.  But boy-o...is there any better way to play Atari than a really old Trinitron?  I'M PUMPED!


    sony tv 001.JPG

  3. My Mom passed away in her sleep early this morning.

    I feel so lost.

    1. chas10e


      So sorry to hear Lee. I lost my Mom quite a few years ago. I always made her laugh when she was mad at me about something, I miss that.

      Prayers your way & sharing tears

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  4. 😎 LOVED seeing the gang in Chat last nite! Thank you @RickR @Atari Creep @btbfilms76 @nosweargamer @Dan Iacovelli @GervGirl @jmjustin6 @chas10e& @Marco1019 for joining us!

    1. chas10e


      Glad to have checked-in, and wished I could have stayed longer !


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  5. Chatroom Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Friday evening! Join us!

  6. 20 more pages and I'm done with this class. Looking forward to getting back to the Squad Challenge and trying my hand at Stargate.Time to break out the Starplex.

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