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  1. 19,980 with a Starplex controller



    48 minutes ago, RickR said:

    You have reminded me that I can use the Asteroids button controller for this.  Which will be a lot of fun.


    'cause of THIS post , I thought the "astroblast" button on my Starplex controller would work ... it doesn't :wreck-it-ralph_anim:


    Anyways I used the Starplex controller as I was getting phantom-hyperspace shots using the Wico thing on my rig. I was also getting unwanted hyperspace jumps with a rebuilt cx-40 (with cx-10 clicky board inside ) I could have managed with that but I wasn't trying to make "The Kessel Run"


  2. 17 hours ago, Gianna said:

    My final score: 10,100


    nicly done 😉 ... I had the game loaded up on the last night played one & it was getting late so I didn't improve my score.

    20 hours ago, Scott Stilphen said:

    The rules also say: 

    Screen captures are not allowed as they are more easily manipulated for falsified scores.

     ... and I'm the only one who posted a video 🙂

    Yeah it looks like the only video posted. I thought about leaving the room like you had if there was an undesirable enemy pattern. My last game , I cleared the room and exited and the hallway enemy was right on top of me, I couldn't sneak back in the room 😠 ... it did give me a few moments before I died but still 😠

    All the images of score are photographs of screens as opposed to a screen capture if you were playing say in Stella on a PC

    On 7/14/2021 at 11:02 AM, RickR said:

    Extremely impressive but the rules say 

    Scores must be achieved between July 1st through July 14th, 2021.

    This awesome score should go in the high score forum. 

    This score IS IN the high score forum, I knew all them zeros before my score were there for a reason


  3. 18 hours ago, DegasElite said:

    The question is this: Can I post these progressing scores without usurping the high score? I don't want to steal the wind from anyone's sails. That's all. Thanks. :O)

    I think of it posting your personal best & progress

    I'll post a score as long as it was higher than MY previously posted score ( I was hoping to beet @RickR to the 10k mark .. well anyone actually :wreck-it-ralph_anim:


    I did notice an oddity .... someone is mushing teh fruit 261010754_atariiomushedfruit.jpg.4d8099d9458bcaa6cefa0e9e7b413e75.jpg

  4. 21 hours ago, TrekMD said:

    I need to play some more to see if I can get a better score.  By the way, has anyone seen and tried Venture Reloaded?


    First I've heard of it myself , the homebrewers always do a great job !!!

    3 hours ago, MaliciousCarp said:

    Wow!  That addresses my biggest complaint with the Atari 2600 version - The rooms get filled in after you are finished with them.  I might have to check it out at some point... I hope that you can turn the music off though! 

    They usually have a way to disable the background music as they know some people like to sneek a few games in in the middle of everybody sleeping :P

    22 hours ago, btbfilms76 said:

    5300. I keep having to remind myself this isn’t berserk, and it’s OK to touch the walls LOL


    You can still pretend it's Berzerk but as you play as Evil Otto & are allowed to touch the walls ( Did anyone else think they were playing as him? -or- was it just me )

  5. You got me on the "lurker" portion of the poll ... but I dunno how to vote that I was here.

    I haven't done any retro computing and mostly into tournament physical pinball now but Atari I.O. is my homepage when I start my PC (which is getting to be somewhat retro by now) this thread came up in the recent Topics on the home forum page. I do read the various threads but don't feel I personally have anything substantially to add to the T.I. boards. but as I'm out & about should someone bring it up in a conversation I would lead them here.


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