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  1. 10 hours ago, RickR said:

    On the broken stick, It's a leaf switch internally, and the middle leaf has broken off.  Fixable, but not too easily.


    I opened mine up to take a peek and I don't envy you at all.

    I do have some switch blades that may work out for you but will have to be worked.

    The hole spacing me be an issue on the longer blades I have. some info can be found here http://www.planetarypinball.com/reference/partsmanuals/WMS_Parts_1974-1975/index.html#/50/

    if interested for the parts shoot me a PM & I'll toss 'em in an envelope for ya's



  2. I haven't had the need to completely take apart my Coleco Combat. but I did successfully remove the handles by heating them up with a hair dryer and a LOT of even pressure ( I think I just used the thumb knuckles as fulcrum ) spade connectors for the buttons

    I am not sure how the spring mechanisms work

    A great game with another player all hunched-up next to one another. I think game #4 is the robot controlled black tank.

    You just have to stay out of "The Abyss" which is is beyond the border down bottom where no matter what you do you can't drive out of there.

    My now 13 yr old nephew likes to hit the reset button before I reach the game winning shot. but if HE is about to acheive the game winning shot we sort of wrestle for the button.

  3. First Congrats to @Scott Stilphen I tried all the extended day & couldn't even reach my previous score & then he sand-bagged in one more to top his own .... nicly done :D

    @RickR - Jr posted a score as well putting squad players up to 13 for this challenge and was also good to have Ms. @greenween along as well

    30 minutes ago, Atari Creep said:

    What a great turn out. If my thumb had not been banged up I would have joined in for sure. On to the next. 

    Get well ... don't really wanna ask what happened -BUT- you always tell a great story 🙂

    21 hours ago, RickR said:

    Today, I took the opportunity to try 5200 Super Breakout.  It's a fun game, but I'm sorry to say, I found it really hard to play with the joystick controller.  I feel like the rubber boot on the stick fought me the whole time, and it wasn't easy to be precise in movement.  I tried and tried.  The best I could do is 318!  "Fair" is that the game told me. 

    The fact that Atari made this the pack-in game is (again, I'm sorry) horrifying.  What were they thinking?  Colecovision came with Donkey Kong.  I'm so glad they changed the 5200 pack-in to Pac Man later on.  Much better choice.



    sbo 002.JPG

    sbo 003.JPG

    Try it with the trak-ball ... I haven't tried "the paddle" mod yet but prolly make SB5200 much more enjoyable

    Most importantly ..... what is that console is that real wood ?

  4. 4 hours ago, Gianna said:

    Here is my score so far. I played using paddle controllers. It seems like I go a while on the first ball, and then once I lose a ball I go through them really quickly! You guys  have really good scores!




    2 hours ago, RickR said:

    Keep on trying @Gianna!  Practice really helps on this game.  When you lose a ball, take a moment to catch your breath.  Breath in and out a few times before pushing that button.  That's what I do. 

    Welcome to "The Squad" @Gianna 🙂 

    I generally hit the launch button right away out of frustration from losing a ball. I did have to leave the game once between balls and the screen went in color-shift mode but hitting the launch button picked the game up from where I left off.

    It's easy to burn through 5 balls in this game ... even though they are square.

  5. what a great thread idea .... just the first couple I thought might have old price tags

    Kay-Bee Toys in the mall was a favorite of mine when I was younger .... I wasn't buying Atari games at the time though ... wished I did



    I never heard of "Gold Circle" but looks like they had some good prices


  6. Congets @RickR ! I hadn't played many INTV games, never played "Shark shark" so I can't compare the two.

    Yeah "Go Fish" seemed to start slow waiting in the weeds for some morsel to swim by

    last night I had troubles with the electric eels and didn't improve my score 😬 just when I thought things were going good too

    Oh well ... there's always the next squad challenge

  7. took this pic awhile ago ...figgered it'd make good wall paper every once inawhile they will fall off the little ledger I have there

    I look for 'em at thrifts open 'em up the instructions usually have a parts list so I'll take the time too see if it's complete I try and find stuff from the earliest patent of the game (like first editions I guess) ... IMHO ... if it looks old its pretty cool ... my family doesn't alway agree ... I still haven't played my 1934 Monopoly yet ;"(

    for family gatherings I usually take 4 or 5 games with me. they also have favorites of their own. some winners I brought were "The Amazing Race", "Score Four", "Trouble", "Dynamite Shack" ... they always have a "scabble-off" "Settlers of Catan" ( or just Catan ) is wildly popular

    the card games like D&D ain't my thing

    I would like to learn how to play "Go" I have one with the stones & all .... one of these days I guess 



    board games.jpg

  8. I think extended version was made only because people were maxing out the score and I think perhaps it doesn't revert back to zero.

    I am guessing the extra digit capabilities makes the ROM size much larger than the origonal 2k

    I dunno the file size of what's on my cart

    ok the AA store says the filesize is 8k .... NOW the question is .... what's that 2k file that's on your Harmony :P

    I'm ok with the 1368 score just put an asterix beside it 😉


  9. Had a terrific Thanksgiving day.

    Brought the "go-bag" in upstairs to one of the gaming areas of my nieces known as "The schoolroom". Nephew had to get a multi-tap outlet ...yada-de-ya.  First cart he wanted to play was "Space Invaders" so I went to level "33" co-operative 2 player mode then progressed up through the variations from there til we got to invisible, wiggly barricades, with doubled & fast wiggly enemy fire.

    He's been getting into Looney Tunes so I brought "Taz" & had some good rounds of that. later in the evening he brought me a Spiderman PnP he found while cleaning the basement or something that needed the battery tray cleaned. So we used ""SCIENCE"" white vineger & q-tips away from all the food washing hands afterwards. had to steal batteries outta the xb360 controllers

    played some boardgames, food, movie theater (Joker)

    And now on to the portion we call "Thanks-feasting" next 3 days of leftovers more boardgames, videogames ping-pong, Foosball


  10. I'm thankful for this thread staring my day. (with a cuppa coffee :D  )

    I'm thankful for the hobbies I have and the people I have to share them with.

    The next 4 days I'll be with family (nieces & nephews) & one of the things I'll have is an Atari I keep in my "go-bag"IMG_1912.thumb.JPG.faa398bb3a7e4fc85e70da32be9010ce.JPG

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving everybody

  11. 3 hours ago, LeeJ07 said:

    This is what it came with. Looks like the original adapter.

    I was reading online and it said that a regular Sega Genesis Model 1 power adapter can be used instead, without having to purchase a step-down transformer thingy, so that may be what I'll do instead, since I'm too hesitant to use this adapter.


    Yeah that appears to be the original one and very cool, but yeah I was going to recommend using an alliterative power supply like the Genny Model 1 or or something exactly-similar.

    thanks for the pic even though most everything is written in Japaneses I can tell what the input voltage (100VAC) and output voltage (10VDC) and that the center tip is negative there is also the Amp rating (860mA)


    heres a pic of a couple OEM Sega power supplies:


    Both input is 120VAC the output is different one each of them,  (9VDC & 10VDC), both center tip negative and the amp rating is 1.2A (or1200mA) so they will "handle the load"

    this thing in the yellow box may work as well:


    it is rated at 850mA as well


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