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  1. HangMan .... she looks a little to happy to be at a public execution IMHO
  2. Yep, Human Cannonball !!! I think it should be considered the First, person shooter :p It also take a particular caliber of a man to do that job and can be difficult to find !!!!
  3. w00t-w00t, do I get the extra 0.01 points for the special #51 ? okies lets see who this happy fellow is:
  4. I will take that extra 0.01 bonus point ALL DAY !!!! Atari 2600
  5. one of the first games I ever owned \o/ #03 Star Ship ( in my case)
  6. he-he-he ... I was hoping someone would. Solaris is correct & both games pretty fun too
  7. Nope, close though this game ain't got no comic book 😈
  8. w00t w00t , I'm on the board \o/ I almost got a silver label Gravitar for free ... but ... I was honest 😇 see if this pic doesn't put the monkey in the wrench
  9. **notification bump** I'm guessing @DegasElite is correct. What a great game NSG !!! **notification bump**
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