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  1. I'm thankful for this thread staring my day. (with a cuppa coffee :D ) I'm thankful for the hobbies I have and the people I have to share them with. The next 4 days I'll be with family (nieces & nephews) & one of the things I'll have is an Atari I keep in my "go-bag" Have a Happy Thanksgiving everybody
  2. chas10e

    eBay Finds

    Yeah that appears to be the original one and very cool, but yeah I was going to recommend using an alliterative power supply like the Genny Model 1 or or something exactly-similar. thanks for the pic even though most everything is written in Japaneses I can tell what the input voltage (100VAC) and output voltage (10VDC) and that the center tip is negative there is also the Amp rating (860mA) heres a pic of a couple OEM Sega power supplies: Both input is 120VAC the output is different one each of them, (9VDC & 10VDC), both center tip negative and the amp rating
  3. chas10e

    eBay Finds

    all power supplies have and INPUT voltage rating and an OUTPUT voltage rating can you post a clear pic of the power supply you have with this info ?
  4. chas10e

    eBay Finds

    from this: https://www.famicomworld.com/forum/index.php?topic=6933.0 if it's an original power supply from Japan you would need an adapter DO NOT use an origonal NES power supply as it outputs 10V AC ( not DC power ) great wright-up on power supplies in above link and looks like a neat little unit you have there
  5. chas10e

    eBay Finds

    yeah RF cable connector on bolf ends , theres a fine tuning pot in there to tinker with as well
  6. this may ( or may not) be the lamps for the sign ... got the # from nintendoage SYLVANIA 20284 https://www.1000bulbs.com/product/6284/FC13-S13078.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsfujmea95QIVJYNaBR3o7QEPEAAYASAAEgLfbvD_BwE I'm not sure if the ballast would be ok or not , got a picture of that ?
  7. When I first saw this thread I thought "ugh-oh" ..... it turned out exactly as I imagined. super - nice :)
  8. Awe Lee that's horrible ! I'll be looking forward to the Gofundme link & @Atari Creep 's video
  9. No hot sauce for me thanks !!! anything hotter than a bar-b-Que potato chip is WAY to spicy for me ! Every once in a while I will do a tiny dip of salsa if available eating tortilla chips from a mexican resturant. mild is ok and will try a bigger scoop if not to spicy.
  10. Oh wow, I got 2'nd place \o/ I stopped by a TV place on way home, said $30.oo deposit to check it out & will be placed towards the repair cost if done. I lost both picture & sound at the same time so thinking power circuit I didn't unplug-replug but did let it cool down for a night. upon trying again a loud pop inside, sounded like a capacitor popped I think it'd be worth having it professionally looked at
  11. I just got back from Pinburg 2019 sorry for delay ( no I didn't win any tournaments this year ... mebbe next year ) I put in a Sears Pong controller multi console AV cable GB games: Super Mario 2; Yoshi; Dr. Mario GBA games: Series of Unfortunate Events; Super MArio Advance; Finding Nemo; Mamco Museum; (think) Midways Classics? ; Yoshi's Island; Mario Kart Super Circuit DS game Mario Kart DS Atari 2600games Skiing cib Mouse Trap cib ( could have been nibbled by a mouse :P ) Synth Kart; Blip Football a Wico stick for 5200
  12. What a brutal squad challenge, my 19" Philco TV kinda died 😢 While in attract mode it just turned itself off. I can't seem to find what year this thing was made. there is still a local TV repair shop and I guess I could take it there. but I think it's $50.oo just to drop the thing off for them to look at ( was a few years ago anyways ) I kinda suspect it was Karma from LMAO @Atari Creep 's video above earlier that night. I guess I'm looking for recommendations , have it fixt or toss it
  13. The cards are tractor fed but I use an old-timey typewriter
  14. 278,350, it's NOT wave 4, that was attract mode but my score didn't move. I had a 120k score the other night but attract mode was tallying up score as it went , mebbe I moved the control stick or something .....
  15. Shipped it out this morning before I went to a pinball tournament, & I sent @RickR the tracking info. As always some really cool stuff inside & trying to replace & re-stuff the stuff A couple of homebrews, Fat Albert for 2600 & Gravitrex for the Vectrex, couple of Genesis games, T2 & Cyborg Justice. Wolfenstein New Order for the xb360. Intellivision booklet & a couple teeny-weenie Mario figures
  16. Just got it today.I hadn't opened it as of yet, had to clear off my kitchen table to get ready for some pics. Will shoot @RickR a PM to verify address
  17. That will work out great. I missed some punk-u-ation in my post & figgered that's what may have cause corn-fusion. Got a couple busy pinball weekends & will certainly try and keep the RJB moving along smoothly. Thanks: Chas.
  18. yeah busy Summer with pinball \o/ , can I get put in "The Randomizer" I dunno if ya wanna tag abunch of members like @Atari Creep , @LeeJ07 & @Justin for good measure does the randomizer look like one of these? https://www.amazon.com/Trademark-Poker-10-0711-Raffle-Drum/dp/B0014B5T9G/ref=asc_df_B0014B5T9G/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=167134282234&hvpos=1o6&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10262706005358502499&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9002501&hvtargid=pla-465674450152&psc=1
  19. I was doin' good on my next try then my controller borked & lost my camera someplace . borked around 3k but I felt rolling it wouldn't have been a problem. was one of them games I could just play & play BITD. I'm preparing for a pinball show so didn't make the time to look into what went wrong with the controller another great squad challenge & glad I was able to put in atleast one score. @RickR crushed it!!!!
  20. 1,765 BITD I always played level 1 I think now because the selector switch on my unit was snapped off & I had to use a butter knife. great squad challenge will definatly play some more of this with wiggly bombs & sheilds space invaders in space with a star-field .... looks pretty cool IMO
  21. Nice pinball collection. a couple machines there I hadn't played yet. The baseball game you got for free was a "Pitch & Bat" game, one button will pitch the ball the other works the bat, normally one isn't filming with a camera in one hand so easier to play :P Probably the reason I hadn't been there is I don't wanna pay admission to the park to then pay for each game I wanna play. that & the last time I went to an amusement park I was getting woozy on some of the rides & didn't wanna be "that guy" blowing lunch on the other guests. if I ever come across a free Centip
  22. I didn't get "the memo" but I did get all the cool schwag I was able to select. and as the- @Atari Creep described the "fake boobies" as they will now forever be called. Thanks again @StormSurge
  23. if I'm next I snag Max Payne 3 for 360 and I guess @RickR is up looks to be my last pick as well what's the next step? I do have some stuff from the 2600 cib wishlist I'll be back later this evening to check in but gatta jet right now :)
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