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  1. I only think the NES classic falls short of expectations for me, only 18 games the Atari flashback portable gives me way more options. And I can take it with me.
  2. I think it's awesome that Paul made it available to other people. I am going to mess with this one for a bit. It might be cool if I could make some hacks for myself, maybe good enough to share with you guys here.
  3. I saw this today, it's called the slocum tracker. You can make your own soundtrack and sounds without having to get into assembly language to much. A great little tool for homebrew or just messing around with.
  4. Hey guys I found this game being developed by what I think is a student as a side project. It's neat to see how he has steadily progressed. Check it out!
  5. You like that too!? Awesome! I think he sells some of the things, but the novelty stuff he has is neat. Wide breath of toys also.
  6. I find it fascinating the tricks that he was a free lance programmer like that. If only the market didn't drop off when he was just about to hit the big time. But, it's awesome how he had a hand in modern game development. Did they clear up the deal with Namco for rally x?
  7. It's amazing what can be accomplished by just a few enthusiastic people. Whatever was going on the Voldemort site was definitely rediculous. i will have to keep checking this out. It's cool to see how things progress with programming. To me it's like taking apart a watch movement to see how it works.
  8. I'm glad you guys are here, I would never have learned about the awesomeness of some of the games if it weren't for the forum. And I agree we got some awesome admins here!
  9. Now I remember it was super burnout that I was thinking about. A great game that would turn epic with the added features that are in road rash.
  10. Jaguar, man if I could get one for a decent price, all you enthusiasts keep driving up the prices. LOL. Wasn't there something similar on the Jaguar already? Maybe that's why it didn't make it. but, maybe you can take that code and reuse it for your own purposes, it would make it go a bit faster to develop.
  11. Cool. I think that these are a neat little things.
  12. I am interested in the image carts. Can they also play a song?
  13. I see TI stuff mixed in with the Atari home computer stuff. I don't know enough about it. But they look neat!
  14. You know everyone! Thanks for sharing this. More ammunition to get the harmony cart
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    From the album: Test

  16. It looked like you were having some fun. Love the rat shirt
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    From the album: Test

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