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  1. What are you using to hang those gameboys on the wall like that?
  2. Oh wow that's wild. I have heard of some crazy hot sauces. But having to sign a waver wow
  3. So when it comes to salsa this is my go to stuff right here. It's got a great flavor too it and just enough heat to be good but not over power you
  4. Yea Frank's is literally has the lowest scoville units of any hot sauce. It comes in at 450 scoville units
  5. Yea I used to eat that stuff alot. I got tired of it though. I change up sauces alot. I like to try all different kinds. There are some sauces that are a little weak on the heat but have amazing flavors
  6. So I'm just curious does everyone here enjoy hot sauces? If so what is your go to hot sauce that you need to always have a bottle of? Mine has to be valentina (black label) but lately I've really enjoyed El Yucateco's green habanero sauce. Now when it comes to other hot sauces. How hot do you like them? Long story short I think I have been eating too much hot sauce lately and I cant feel any heat from the normal hot sauces or even the "XXX" hot sauces. So I have been watching "Hot Ones" on youtube (great show if you havent seen it) And I just bought a couple of the really insane hot sauces that I saw on the show off amazon. DA' Bomb came first in the mail and I had to get some friends over. DA' Bomb has a scoville level of 135,600. In comparison a regular bottle of Tabasco is 700 scoville units. So we grilled up some chicken and tried it out. This is definitely not your normal hot sauce! My tongue was on fire! It was hot but still I wasnt screaming and running around like all my friends were. So I felt I needed more. So today in the mail I got Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage. This one comes in at 500,000 Scoville units and maybe this one will give me the sting I need. Probably gonna get everyone together again this weekend to try it out. I'm gonna have some milk on the side ready to be used! So again this is one of my things i love and I'm just curious about everyone here. Do you like hot sauce? Do you not? If so how hot have you gone before?
  7. Got this in the mail today! Thanks to rockyraccoon. This thing works great and I cant wait to play some of the greats on this thing. First things first though I need to hunt down a battery cover
  8. Did a trade for my TSR 80 for his neo geo pocket. Went great. He got his and I got mine. Both work great and was a good experience. would do trades with again
  9. Ok just hooked it up and It looks like it works! Dang it's hard to take a good pic of a crt tv screen
  10. Here it is. I dont thi k I have a plug for it to plug it into the tv. I'll need to look around some more. I know its really yellow
  11. I think I have 1. I got it at a thrift store but i never tested it. I dont have the right adapter to hook it up to the TV and never bothered to get one
  12. I always just walk up to the cashier and ask what toys do you have. Thay always give me a strange look and say "what was that?" Then I get the toy and they ask what food did I want I'm like nope the toy is fine. They always look so confused
  13. Yea since me going on a diet I have sworn off most fast food places. I havent eaten McDonald's in probably about a year or so. Buut if they come out with some Mario toys this year. You bet I'll have to go to them but only to get the toys. That food messes me up now
  14. Yes this was part of the 2017 McDonald's Mario toy set. I've got a few if them. Nowadays when McDonald's toys come out in about a few weeks the thrift stores get over run with them.
  15. Got the lightbulbs for the top part of the kiosk in the mail today. Tested it and works great. So inside and upstairs it went (not fun job). But hey it looks great and I'm super happy right now! Sadly the TV I found at goodwill has a AV menu that can only be accessed with the remote. So I cant play anything at the moment until I get another TV or a universal remote but from what I've read online about this TV I might actually need to original remote.
  16. Todays offerup find is this awesome xbox kiosk. Guy wanted $300 talked him down to $100. Missing a few things but it's not in bad shape. Gotta get a TV that fits perfectly in here. Also I am having trouble finding the bulbs for the top light fixture. Apparently it's an older style compact florescent that nobody carries anymore. Also came with the original xbox(from what the guy says it's the original one) but it has definitely seen better days. Gonna have to open it up and clean it. Anyone know how to tell if it's a demo xbox? Anyway super excited to get it all set up. And put in the game room.
  17. Todays goodwill finds. Was super excited to find mecha Godzilla. Then right under him was a smaller Godzilla I almost over looked. This Godzilla is kinda cool it has a ball in its stomach that you can control its tail with
  18. Yea the original is oblivious better but I plan to at least finish up this first season. Now season 2?......yea not sure I'll be there for that
  19. I'm watching it on showbox. Apparently with CBS all access there is an option to watch the episodes in black and white. But sadly showbox doesnt have this option.
  20. So I'm a few episodes into the new Twilight Zone reboot and just wanted to see if anyone else has seen it too? If so what are your thoughts on it so far. So far it's the first season and it has 10 episodes. It has Jordan Peele playing the host/ narrator I'll start off with my thoughts. Well the first thing that stands out is these episodes are really really political and really in your face about it too. But I do like a few of the episodes. In one of the episodes there is a crew headed to Mars and how they handle the trip there. The space episodes were always my favorite of the original series. This one didnt feel quite as good but it wasnt horrible. So has anyone else seen it or plan to watch it?
  21. Wow now that would be a con of the decade to attend
  22. Yea he was cosplaying Greg from Steven universe and he did an amazing job.
  23. Here are the games I got signed
  24. $So it was great. I had a blast! Sid just about everything I wanted to do and more! Got to meet Mr. Charles martinet, Mr. Kenny James, and Mrs. Samatha Kelly. Got them each to sign a game and got a pic with each one. Also waited in a 2 hour or so line to meet suda51 and get him to autograph no more heros. He doesnt speak any English but still awesome guy to talk to! I also didnt realize that Reuben langdon (voice of dante from the devil may cry series) was there too. Luckily I didnt get a hotel room this year and was just taking the train there every morning so that ment I could go home and grab my devil may cry 3 and bring it the next day. Got to talk with him and he had some awesome stories about the release party for devil may cry 2 in Japan and how they made him a custom floor length red leather jacket just like dante wears in the game! The last autograph was also one I didnt know was going to be there. Keith Silverstein known for being vector the crocodile in the 2010 sonic show but he is also Simon belmonte on the newest smash bros so you know I had to get him to sign my smash.
  25. Ok so I was helping a friend clean up his house because he has to be out by the end of the month. While we were cleaning I saw a box that said commodore 64 on it. I grabbed it and sadly no computer but there were disks in there. I dont have a 64 I have a vic 20 so these might be up for grabs (not sure yet) Also in the box was an Action Max. I've only ever heard of these never seen or used one. The game is a VHS tape! Cant wait to try this out. Also there were 2 pokemon snap blockbuster cards in there. And lastly there is some big box computer stuff bot even sure what they are I havent looked at them yet.
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