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  1. Found a shelf at goodwill today to put most of my sega genesis stuff on
  2. The 3d effect gives me a headache I dont really ever use it. Plus you have to be positioned just right to make it work
  3. I actually did a trade with a friend this weekend for a bunch of genesis games and sf 2 ce was in the lot of games he gave me. Love it too!
  4. Finally added a boxed super Nintendo to the collection. Got it off offer up. guy posted it a year ago and I asked him if it was available that day a year ago and he finally messaged me yesterday said he still has it. Got it for $50. He also said he had some games but I would have to pay extra. He only wanted $20 for the games. Man I have been wanting to play turtles in time for the longest!
  5. So I have been playing Luigi's mansion and one of the first gadgets you get in the game is called a "virtual boo". Basically it's a virtual boy that let's you talk to professor E. Gadd and look up the map and what not. They even made jokes about it when he first gives it to you. This is going to revolutionize virtual reality. These things are gonna fly off the shelves. with the sleek black and red coloring who wont love it. 20191103_110040.mp4
  6. So this is pretty cool. It's a parker brothers atari 2600 kiosk. It's in the UK though. Wonder what it will sell for when it ends https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F143431275851
  7. Boxed handhelds coming along nicely. now if I could just find a good deal on a boxed original gameboy
  8. Yea well it's just gonna sit on the shelf anyway so it'll be fine for that
  9. I bought a sega game gear box and inserts off ebay. It wasnt in the best shape (I knew that when I bought it) so I messaged the guy asking if he could take some precautions in the shipping department and package it nicely. here is what I got. He used a cut box and wrapped it around the game gear box. I will say that it doesnt loom too much worse than what it looked like on ebay but I mean come on. This is just horrible packaging and why I normally try to stay away from buying from unknown people.
  10. Probably play Luigi's mansion 3 all night long! It looks so good cant wait. But probably hand out candy too. But not sure last year for some reason nobody came to our house they just went to every house around ours
  11. Oh I got the bulbs a while ago. And everything is great.
  12. Has anyone seen El Camino yet? I just got finished watching it and I thought it was great. It picks up (more or less) right where breaking ends and it's all about Jesse. I'm not gonna spoil anything if you havent seen it yet just wanted to get yalls thoughts. For me I liked it and if it went on for another hour I wouldnt have complained.
  13. Todays goodwill find. The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King movie poster. Has to be my favorite movie series. so happy to have found this beauty
  14. Oh there is definitely a moded xbox in there now. But the xbox that came with this is dead. I opened it up and there was so much dust in there
  15. Well I like the heat. I have eaten so much hot stuff that the hot doesnt do anything to me anymore and now I can totally taste the flavor of most any hot sauce.
  16. Yea my local comic book shop had one in box for a while. Someone finally bought it. I think it does come with a remote
  17. Yea I can feel the case is high quality. My friend was worried thought I had a gun case or something
  18. No that would have been cool!
  19. Yea it's got some great flavor to it. This Saturday me and a bud are eating these peppers. i wont lie I'm a little nervous but excited to climb this mountain.
  20. Found this on letgo couple days ago. Really happy to own this one. An original blockbuster rental N64 in the case!
  21. That robot is awesome rick
  22. Forgot to add this but a week ago I was talking to a mega video game display collector. He mostly collect original Nintendo neons and such. His collection is wild. Well we got to talking about food. Then about hot sauces. Turns out he grows peppers and makes his own sauce. he was awesome enough to give me a bottle of Carolina reaper (hottest pepper in the world) sauce and 2 peppers that I plan on eating with a buddy. Cabt get any hotter than this yall!!
  23. My favorite scary game? Man that's a tough one. Its gotta be either resident evil 4 or resident evil 7. When resident evil 4 came out I was blown away at how good it was. I think I have beaten it more times than any other game I've played. I wanna say I've beaten it about 20 or more times. Now resident evil 7 was amazing and very scary. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I played. so suspenseful! The part where you are in the garage with the dad and you literally kill him about 3 or 4 times and keeps getting back up even after the car he was in exploded. Man I had a blast playing that one
  24. Oh ok i thought it was a full on video game store. Well either way it's a shame they are closing. I hope you have another game shop close to you
  25. Found me an odyssey 300 at goodwill a couple days ago. Didnt come with the power cable so cant test it. Anyone happen to have one?
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