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    Coding, music, playing keyboards, composition, jogging, pseudo-3d effects and collecting other obscure obsolete programming info. Oh yeah, I kinda like videogames, too.
  1. Re: Arcade games being worn out: Too true. It's funny; I was still way into arcade games in the late 80s/early 90s when they were considered passe. It took me a while to warm up to console-style games where you'd have to really spend time exploring them. To me, arcade games were the real deal that consoles could only hope to imitate, and it wasn't until later that I started really appreciating console titles for what they were.
  2. I really want that one because I'm a complete sucker for those kinds of games. I haven't been able to find an NTSC one for a decent price, though. But, I agree; it should've been RoadBlasters. I'm sure Fatal Run is pretty decent, judging from the videos I've seen, but it's got some big shoes to fill when comparing it to RoadBlasters. I actually think the gameplay in RoadBlasters is much more refined than people give it credit for...
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