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  1. My new channel has been started. Thus...I'm starting a new thread to go with the name change. I'm going to be posting new videos I do in this thread from now on. There's nothing left of the old channel. First video: This was a first run with the new channel. I combined three things into one video.
  2. I found a new formula and my channel has been redesigned and renamed. With @Justin's permission, I'd like to remove this post completely and start a new one since previous posts are linking to videos no longer available. Everything I had before is gone with no back ups. I do like the new design better and the name of the channel fits better. I'm no longer limited to just video games, although that is the main center of attention for the channel.
  3. I think it's great to see some well known old school programmers come back and make more 2600 games again. It's nice to see some professionals doing that. I can understand the high prices. Finding companies to help make the required boards and shells is not as easy to find as it use to be, let alone cheap. Some places won't do a run of anything unless a certain quantity is purchased. And that can be costly. That's my 2 cents worth. I hope these guys stick around and bring many more games to the 2600 again. I really do. I hope others who have programmed the 2600 before follow
  4. Hi Peter,

    I understand you have a question about the 7800 Venture game?  What question did you have?

  5. The 7800 could do a lot. It's just a real shame no one tried to push it to its limits. Ms. Pac-Man's sounds on the 7800 are very close to the arcade compared to the 2600 port. Then again those two games are a few years apart and programmed by different programmers. The sound of the 7800's port always intrigued me and gave me more respect for the sounds TIA could really generate. Not bad for a 2-channel sound chip. @TrekMD mentioned something that is proof positive. Even Nintendo's engineers explained what made their Famicom/NES systems last as long as they did...extra RAM. The 7800
  6. It took longer than expected but my channel has been renamed and completely redone. This is the first video on the new redesign. I had compatibility issues between the file type my camera makes and the file types standard Windows 10 video editor and Media Player can use. I finally figured it out and resorted to an older video editor I had laying around.
  7. For decades now mankind has been trying to see if we could populate Mars. Mars use to have a protective magnetic field like Earth but not as strong. It is thought that solar flares simply blew the field off of Mars, thus causing the planet to lose whatever atmosphere it had and turned it into a "dead" planet. To see what that new rover is seeing (and hearing, too!) is something I'm very grateful to get to experience during my lifetime. If we were to send humans to Mars, though, we'd have to wait until Earth and Mars are at their closest. If we did that a trip from Earth to Mars would take
  8. And when you're done with that try these guys. I like 'em.
  9. Check out Babymetal (correctly pronounced "bey b metal" a play on hea vy metal). Here...I'll get you started: When you are done listening to that...try listening to "The One", "Road to Resistance", "Distortion", and then try this... The band in the first video was fake playing but it's still an awesome song. The band in the other songs I suggested and with them performing with Rob Halford of Iron Maiden is their real band and they are sick! That drummer is awesome as was the rest of the members. I especially loved their lead guitarist.
  10. Not surprising...it seems 5 systems have tied for best console (or consoles) of all time. And each were the best for their era. It's not hard to declare the 2600 a winner here as it was the first successful cartridge based home console with lots of titles that are just too good to forget about. The NES rekindled that spark back into video games bringing lots of new ideas and concepts to the table that simply worked well. Granted Nintendo had ill practices toward third-party developers but it did help to avoid another flood of titles that could have caused another crash. Unlike the 26
  11. I only have about 10 titles for my LD player. I love the thing. Then again I love all old analog equipment...VHS, LD, early DVD players...things like that. I have TI but only have three games. I don't use it too often because of the same reasons @RickR and @CrossBow have mentioned...space. I'm not out of space but I would rather give all of my computers their space to be permanently setup and ready for use instead of having to set them up every time I want to play them. It's simply too hard on the machines to keep doing that, not to mention some of those machines are not exactly eas
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