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  1. I will miss Tim Conway.  I grew up watching him.  Carol was right calling him one in a million.  Those that don't know of his talents might want to check him out any way you can.  He was unique and gifted.  May he rest in peace and heart felt sympathy to his loved ones.

  2. Hi Justin,

    Lance is where the SMS I have came from.  He found it looking for something else.  I'm glad i got it.  Hopefully he has more TG-16s.  The value of those things have increased, though.  I never thought that machine to be worth much.  Blame Keith Courage for that...that game didn't leave a strong impression for the system.  It was the only game I had.

    1. Justin


      Cool! I really liked TurboGrafx-16, even when it was new. I agree Keith Courage wasn't a strong pack-in game. They should've launched with Bonk's Adventure, Blazing Lazers or something else. They're great systems to have now though.

  3. I like the new styling and some features.  I would suggest a different font style for member's profile page for their username.  It's too thin.  I like the fact I can add a custom background though.  So far so good.

  4. Happy father's day to Atari I/O dads!

  5. We lost a rock legend today. RIP Tom Petty. http://www.tompetty.com

  6. Spent the evening playing Jawbreaker on the 800XL with a SIO2SD drive. Fun game!

  7. My Top 5 Favorite Game Consoles is now uploaded!! Be sure to check it out.

  8. My 2nd video is up and ready to be watched! Hope you guys enjoy it!

  9. George Michael dies December 25, 2016 at the age of 53. That shocked me.

    1. Rowsdower70


      Quite a voice even if one didn't care for his music. His Freddy Mercury tribute concert performance was second to none. RIP

    2. kamakazi20012


      His music was good. Definitely original and with heart...something often missing from today's music.

    3. Cousin Mike

      Cousin Mike

      if you dont mind, what was the cause of death and was he still doing music at that time? i have not heard about him in years!

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