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  1. RIP Kenny.  Thank you for the music.

    1. Justin


      I was so sad to see he passed away! Just in the past year have I really grown to appreciate his music. I also associated him with Atari. The first night I came home from Kay-Bee Toys in 1993 as a classic gamer, we got Kenny Rogers Roasters and had a picnic on the back deck of our new house that we hadn't yet closed on. Kenny Rogers Roasters was a new competitor to Kentucky Fried Chicken that was pretty popular in my area in the early-mid '90s, there was even a Seinfeld episode about it. Unfortunately Kenny Rogers Roasters didn't last. That day is such a good memory though. My first new Atari games and my first Kenny Rogers Roasters. Funny that when I was young I used to associate him as much with chicken as with music. I wrote a little bit about that day here:


    2. Justin


      My favorite:


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