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  1. Well, I took a break for dinner (which was difficult) but I have to say I can see why this game is a favorite among gamers...it even made Metal Jesus' top 10 list of favorite 360 games. I'm enjoying the story, enemies are not so bad at the moment, puzzles not too difficult to figure out. But, again, it doesn't reward the player very well or if you pick the wrong thing when you get the chance to upgrade/purchase something you're pretty much screwed. And more Rosies are roaming around more often now. Those orbs you can throw to make those things turn to your side are a joke. I have thrown countless orbs at them and they have not worked...yet. As far as current progress...I just collected distilled water and other items to make some sort of chemical to spray on some trees. I'm now on my way forward...hopefully. I still have one more child to save in Arcadia which I'm now hunting down. My favorite gun was the shotgun because I was finding ammo for it constantly. Now I'm about out and have not found any in this area without buying them...and money I ran out of buying pistol ammo for a back-up. I'm still enjoying the game but, dang, I thought Ark on XBOX One was unforgiving (which it is...you can get killed without warning and while in your home base by a roaming dinosaur) but this one doesn't give enough ammo for some of the basic weapons. I did pick up some kind of a flame thrower and equipped a wasp EVE. Even with all of the issues I'm having with ammo I'm still enjoying the game and I have to admit that it is starting to become a favorite on the 360...but Borderlands still takes the top. And I played FPS games on a PC back in the 386 days but not without my Gravis Gamepad. I simply couldn't do it with a keyboard. That drove me nuts. I'll stick with a game controller. I can at least map buttons sometimes to my liking. And since I have the game muted I'm not hearing the vending machines in this game. I keep it muted because of wife's TV so she can hear her programs. I do have subtitles turned on, though, so I can at least read the story.
  2. Made it through Neptune's Bounty (3rd area) and, again, I rescued all the Little Sisters there. But there was a fourth one not protecting a child (I think it was called "Rosie"). Caught me completely by surprise. And I've learned in that area just how quick the tables can turn. I also don't really like the camera aspect because as soon as I snap a picture of any enemies I want to start shooting and forget to change weapons. I'm also carrying more upgrades than I can equip. This game is unforgiving but not too bad. I'm now starting Smugglers' Hideout. Also, I did some research on BioShock 2 should anyone reading this post take interest in the series. I located the original launch trailer to BioShock 2. I think I might have to locate BioShock 2.
  3. Well, I was going to save this game for a Let's Play video series on my YouTube channel but I just couldn't stay away from it. It would have made for a great video series but I simply HAD to play the game. It has been on my want list for a very long time now. Be warned that this post may contain spoilers for those who have never played the game before. Brief Explanation No...this is not an explanation of the game but rather how I came about the BioShock series. One of the free Games with Gold from XBOX was BioShock Infinite. I immediately loved the game for its antiquated artistic appeal and the story quickly grabbed my attention. I played the game for a while but never finished it because of another Games with Gold title that came next and became one of my favorite games on the console...Borderlands. But that didn't keep me from wanting to hunt down the first BioShock games in the series. I was curious if the story in all BioShock games in the series were interconnected somehow. So this is my first time playing the original BioShock game. Current Progress I just finished the first two levels, took down my first Big Daddy (mechanical looking machines protecting what appears to be a possessed child). These things protect a child (called Little Sisters) and in order to get to the child you have to destroy the Big Daddy protecting them. Once you can get to the child you have the option of "harvesting" them or "rescuing" them. If you harvest them you get more stuff called ADAM, rescuing them you get less. ADAM is the only source used for getting upgrades. Without it you might as well call it quits. The Big Daddy protecting the child had already been destroyed as part of the story. I had the difficult choice of saving or harvesting my first Little Sister. If I was to harvest the child the child would die. Poor child was running away and hiding from me in a corner behind a counter. Whether in a game or not it's still a child or the portrayal of a child...I simply couldn't harvest as much as I would have loved the extra amount of upgrades. So I saved her. I was then greeted with a second Little Sister. This one was still protected by her Big Daddy. The fight was on! A simple shot of Shock EVE (will explain another time) and a few shotgun blasts took him out. The child was mine! Again, I couldn't do it...so I saved her as well. I'm now on the third level. Current Thoughts of the Game I have to admit that compared to BioShock Infinite, which bright and full of light, this one seems a bit more dark and sinister. Nothing like what I was expecting. The difference between the two is easily night and day. It does have its scary moments that have made me jump. Nothing like trying to explore an area or solve a puzzle only to turn around and be greeted by an enemy trying to take your head off. Controls are still taking me a while to get use to as well but I am enjoying the artistic style of the game. Ammo is a mixed bag...for some weapon types it has been easy to find, for others it seems to be scarce. I will post more as I progress. But so far I am enjoying the game. Maybe I ought not to play it in a dimly lit room? So far it's been hard to put down. I'm always wanting to see what's around that next corner. Tidbit I've looked at images of the cover artwork for the packaging to this game for years now. Only when I had a physical copy of the game in my hands did I notice that there was a child standing to the left of Big Daddy. I've had the game for a few days now.
  4. Those look really good! I remember seeing a Star Raiders on the shelf when the Junior model was out and that poor game looked like it had been in a train wreck. Or ran over. The sunken box on Defender seems to be a common issue with some of the Atari games. Those two are on my want list because of the comic books. Galaxian is the other one I believe. I have Centipede with its comic book...I can't remember what the other games were.
  5. The only ones I would want from shack would be the Map titles we didn't get. You seen that, too?
  6. I played about 10 minutes of BioShock 1 this morning. Made it to a spot where I seen the first large robot thing. I already jumped a few times from things being behind when I would turn to go in a different direction. Talk about coming out swinging! What little I've experienced I enjoyed. I plan to play this one more later but after I get setup to capture the footage. I found a new game to do a Let's Play series on. As soon as I upload the next Borderlands 2 video to my channel.
  7. In short, this post is to share any positive online experiences you may have had. It could be anything from helping a family or friend get that extremely hard achievement or simply knocking it out of the park in a free-for-all bash with some of your online friends. Whatever the experience was, if it was positive, I'd like to hear about it. It can be difficult to trust people you have never met face to face in an online world where anything can happen. Hopefully this post will open the door to create a positive online gaming experience where other gamers here, and elsewhere, can expand their friendlist of online gamers who share the same enthusiasm and spirit that makes online gaming a source of entertainment. My personal experiences have been with my brother-in-law. Since owning a 360 and obtaining a Gold account we have played loads of games together online. We beat the tar out of everyone in Saint's Row the Third, battled an alien race in Saint's Row IV, kicked butt in Crackdown, battled our way through hordes of enemies in Halo and Gears, took out WW II enemies in Sniper Elite 2, 3, and 4...and built some incredible structures in Minecraft. We also explored deep into Terraria's underground areas and fought Handsome Jack in Borderlands. Actually, all three Borderlands games. My gamer score was only in the 2,000s when I started...it's now sitting at 34,000. Playing games solo is great but when you can dig deep into games with another player often times you can help each other out discovering parts of a game that might have otherwise been missed. So, what have been your positive gaming experiences? Do you play online at all and if so on what platform? What's your favorite game to play online? Also, maybe someone here who plays online might be willing to add you as an online friend. Sharing of gamertags might not be a bad idea but not required.
  8. Bookmarked that webpage. I'll be watching this one. I hope Konami does this right. If not I feel a LOT of dedicated TG-16 fans will be upset.
  9. Whoa! This changes things a LOT. Konami? Is there any more information than the video? I hope Konami puts some their own titles on this console. If it doesn't have Salamander/Life Force and Gradius II I will be disappointed. I'd still be interested in this. I just hope it doesn't disappoint like PlayStation did.
  10. You will need this link: https://mentalmars.com/game-news/borderlands-2-golden-keys/ Gearbox releases new Golden Keys once or twice a month. When you start the game and press the A button on the title screen, you will be greeted with the menu screen. Here is where you can start a new game or continue a current game. If you highlight Extras and then Shift you can enter the code for more keys. You may need to create a SHiFT account first before you can enter the codes. The Golden Keys are used to obtain rare weapons, shields, mods, and relics to aid you in your adventures. In Sanctuary (getting to Sanctuary from the beginning may take a while) there is a Gold Loot Chest where the keys are used. Keys are not obtained any other way and items that come out of this loot chest will be random. Some items will be awesome, some will not. Simply take what's in there, equip what you will use, and sell the rest. It's a great way to make huge bucks fast. Also another way to make some extra in-game cash is to pick up any and everything you find whether you will use it or not. You can take these to vending machines and sell them. Everything you find in the game will be random drops. All "loot" in the game has a rarity scale that is color coded. The order of rarity goes like this (from common to Legendary): White Green Blue Purple Pink Orange The more rare it is the chances are the better it will be and the more it is worth. But there are times when a more common item will be better than a more rare item. And, yes, that has happened. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about the game.
  11. You will love this game if you enjoy RPG and FPS elements. Be sure to nab the free Fight for Sanctuary DLC as well but save that one until the very end.
  12. The Halo Anniversary looks awesome! Improved visuals really gave that one a kick.
  13. I've never played Bioshock 1 or 2 but I did give Infinite a try once when XBOX gave away that game as a Games with Gold thing. What little I played of Infinite I liked but I've been holding off until I could play the first two just in case the story line is tied together.
  14. I didn't do a video but got some pics. Air*Sea Battle needs some TLC. Everything works and after a few minutes... the 360 cleaned up nicely. I also repaired the memory card flap (spring was still inside). Updates took a few minutes, though. Controller is my old 3rd-party wired controller that has issues so I'm going to have to track down some new/newer ones (wireless maybe?). I'm not a fan of Kinect but I might find some use for it. Forza Motorsport 4 I believe uses it. Included hard drive is a 20 GB model which will allow me to finally play games I own that require the hard drive...finally! Thanks you StormSurge!
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