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  1. I have to admit...I played the NES port many moons ago and was not impressed. How Capcom made a Data East game for the NES when Data East was also making NES games is beyond me. It never kept my interest. The 7800 port, however, I love playing. It's more colorful and more arcade accurate. I have more fun with that one. The XE version I would have been satisfied with over the NES version.
  2. Let's see: Sorcerer's Stone (1), Chamber of Secrets (2), Prisoner of Azkaban (3), Goblet of Fire (4), Order of the Phoenix (5), Half-Blood Prince (6)... The sixth is the Half-Blood Prince. Deathly Hallows was book 7 and movies 7 and 8. Yea...I really enjoyed the Harry Potter series. After the last one I was a bit disappointed only because I knew there would be no more.
  3. Audiobooks in the car on a long drive worked for me so I could keep up with Harry Potter. I think it was the sixth book.
  4. Other than Iron Soldier 2 and Skyhammer those games I remember well. They were all solid titles. Some a bit weird but still had a certain charm. They were unique and only on Atari. Cybermorph is a personal favorite. I spent many of my new Jaguar owner days playing that game. I love 2D space shooters so that one was right up my alley. Sorry to hear about the loss of an old friend. My sympathies to his family and friends during this time of morning. May he rest in peace.
  5. Hi Atarians! Missouri is "supposedly" having another wave of infections. But my wife and I are kinda on the same page with how we think about the virus. We are not saying that it is not real. It obviously is because lives have been lost because of it. What sort of makes this pandemic a bit questionable is that it all started once Trump got impeached. Then when Floyd lost his life to a cop suddenly the COVID was no longer in the news forefront. That and the protesting stayed for awhile until TRUMP decided to finish his campaigning. Now there is a second wave of this virus happening again. I'm beginning to wonder if Trump has the "never-get-overs." On a more serious note...we are doing well but battling high temps. The local weather has not mentioned it but I wouldn't be surprised if we reached triple digits before August. It's very humid and hot out there. Step outside and in a few seconds you will sweat in places you didn't know you have. I recommend just staying home and playing Atari when not working. I'm still trying to adjust to everything closing at night now with the exception of one truck stop in town. Some of our Walmart employee friends have said that the company is seriously considering not going back to the 24-hour operations. You know what I think? I think it would be a good thing for stores to not be open 24 hours any more or on Sundays. Go back to the way things use to be. Give everyone a for sure day to have a breather. We don't need 24 hours. You want 24 hours then shop online.
  6. Yep...BASIC PROGRAMMING over Brain Games because 1) I don't have Brain Games and 2) even in BASIC form everyone that wants to learn the 2600 should start with BASIC. It's an easier language to learn.
  7. I've never seen the arcade machine of Food Fight. Not in person I mean. I've seen pics of it online but that's about the extent of it.
  8. I found a neat car video series to watch on YouTube. I loved tinkering with cars in the past when I had the "freedom" to do so because it was interesting to find a $100 car that was crap and get it going enough to drive around town. It's how I found a Mazda 323 coupe with moon roof that was a lot of fun to drive. $50 for the car, replaced windshield, bondo the hole in the hood, replace the tires all the way around. I got 40,000 miles out of it before the computer went out in it. 5 speed, too. It was a fun little car. I think I miss that car more than any other I had. It was suppose to be totaled but it ran fine...just needed some TLC. I still remember my Grandmother getting on to me for buying it. Then when it died all I head was "ahhh...that was such a good lil' car." Yeah...exactly what I thought LOL. Anyway, here's one of this channel's videos for you guys to check out. Pretty interesting stuff. Kinda makes me want to go and try to find some old barns or junkyards to go through. Enjoy!
  9. I would honestly prefer the 7800 version. However, if the XEGS was the only game console I had to play this game with then I would have been OK with it. The only version I knew of until now was the 7800 version. That one is a lot of fun. I have that one for the 7800 but not for the XE. That was on a cart for the XE, right? I hope they didn't waste a disk for that.
  10. The only version of Desert Falcon I've played is the 2600 version which isn't too bad but often times difficult to tell where you are in relation to the enemies and ground. That's not surprising and the 7800 is probably going to be smoother. What most Atari people don't realize is something so simple and right there under their noses that was carried over from the A8 and 7800 consoles: custom graphics processors. Atari was the only company to make their own graphics processors -OR- release machines under their umbrella that used a custom graphics chip. Where do you guys think NVIDIA and ATI came from? Part of their design is owed to the engineers at Atari that developed those early 8-bit graphics processors. Atari was the only company then making feature-rich graphics processors with all kinds of abilities. Color cycling was a key Atari feature as was collision detection. The 7800 lacks the collision detection but makes up for it the ability to process screen graphics at lightning speeds. It's the only console from the 8-bit era capable of such graphical speed and power. Most others struggled to come close to what the 7800 could pull off. And, as Lance has mentioned, even the A8s is a bit sluggish compared to the 7800. One of these days I'll be able to see both games in action in person. It looks like fun for sure.
  11. I've got to get another BugHunt.
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