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  1. It's worth it in my opinion. And they have a team over here in the States studying Idaho and Connecticut to add to the game sometime. They just added Utah not too long ago. They just had a sale...the game was $4.99 but I think that might have ended. I like it...it can be relaxing. I actually got to see the Grand Canyon LOL. Steam is actually a great digital game service. I've had good experiences with it. I'd suggest using a 360 or XBOX One controller with your Steam games if you have one and if the games you buy support it. ATS and ETS 2 do support those controllers. It's a LOT easier to play that way.
  2. OK. That's cool but what is a Seagull 78?
  3. No one told me there'd be story telling at this Atari campout! I came unprepared 😉 Anyone bring the stuff to make SMORES with?
  4. Welcome to Atari I/O! Loads of fun stuff to do here...and if not then I'm sure I can do something stupid. Hehe.
  5. That's right! Shinobi never officially made it to the Genny...it was Shadow Dancer and Shinobi III. Looks like a really fun game!
  6. The only things that would "save" Atari are: Shutting it down Completely revamping the brand BACK to what Atari once was Hiring people that actually KNOW how to develop hardware and software Hiring people that actually KNOW how to market the products Having people on board that DON'T believe Indigogo or Kickstarter are the only ways to support a project Hiring people that are not afraid to learn how to develop or actually program from scratch Sadly, the only people that even come close to those that once worked at Atari, under Warner, are those that continue to develop and program things for all the Atari consoles and computers on a regular basis. It's these people who do what they do for the love of Atari. All this new Atari has done is see a popular brand and are trying to use it for a cash cow. They ought to be thrown in jail honestly. But that's just my opinion.
  7. I never got it only because I owned a 5200. But I do remember a neighbor down the road getting it and inviting me over to play it. I already had Pac-Man for my system so I didn't expect anything different. Once I arrived in went pac-man and on went my dissecting. Nothing was right, I dogged it, but at the same time I found joy in playing it. It was a different pacman. Once I got home, though, I was never so happy to seev my pacman again.
  8. I played yesterday and this was the best I could do. I'm going to try some time today.
  9. I'm trying to steal his stash...shhhh. 🤣 I hope so, too. That would be a LOT of fun. Why have all those games if you are not going to enjoy them? Saving them for a rainy day doesn't count any more...we are stuck in our homes now. I know he has one item in particular I would absolutely love to have in my collection. It would be my holy grail item.
  10. SCS Software, creators of Euro Trucking Simulator 2 (ETS2) and American Truck Simulator (ATS), started holding an event they called #TruckAtHome in an effort to getting the people that play those games to stay at home. When logged in and if the player picks freight from an external contract the World of Trucks website will keep track of how many miles have been delivered in both trucking games...live. For every 20,000,000 km driven they made a pledge to do something positive to help the fight against COVID-19 combined with Steam giveaways. Within 24 hours of starting the event that 20,000,000 km milestone has been done 20 times. And, yes, I also helped in ATS. There's a personal milestone of 2,600 km which I completed in 2 hours. There will be a prize but that prize has yet to be determined. So...I thought I would share what one game developer is doing to help during these troubled times. You can read more here if you are interested: https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/ And pic of my truck with the paint mod (provided by the developers but seen as an unofficial mod LOL). This is one modern game I love to play and never get tired of. I just wish I could get Washington, Oregon, and Utah states. LOL. I'd also like to see more freight types but the game is well made and being heavily supported.
  11. I AGREE!! completely agree! It would be different for a company to mingle with the customers it does business with.
  12. That would be cool and different. And I believe Battleship is the only board game where one player's move is mirrored on the other player's board. I would suggest every boat be left in place even after being sank so that at the end of the game both side can show what their setup looked like.
  13. I love Battleship. I wonder if there is a way to play the board game with someone else online?
  14. Holy crap! You have Secret of NIHM! I love that one. I played the heck out of that one on CED growing up. I actually played that one so much that it got to where it wouldn't play well anymore and I never found another. Love Don Bluth animation and Dom's voice works perfect for the crow character.
  15. Whoa! A TV/VCR combo!! I haven't seen one of those in a looong time. I had to repair the VCR in one of those once for my cousin. The all black version of the one in that picture. Pain in the butt to get to but I fixed it for them. I guess one of their kids decided the VCR was hungry and fed it a bunch of toy plastic silverware...like those from a tea set or something. It didn't damage anything but took forever to get those all out. I found a single pack of salt, too. That one would not have been good. Nice to see one of these still functioning.
  16. I found this list of 2020 Treasure Hunt cars as I was curious if there were more and what they looked like. https://hotwheels.fandom.com/wiki/2020_Treasure_Hunts_Series The first car in the list I recognized because my wife has been working on the Experimotors series and she has a Bubble Matic. I've seen this one in another color often but about a month ago my wife was hunting with me and found that one by herself. Not thinking nothing of it nor did we catch it she liked that it was a different color and in the cart it went. We never noticed anything unusual about it other than it was a different color. If you are looking at that list scroll down a bit. See the Fast Foodie hamburger car called Buns of Steel? Yea. I was alone in the store one night hunting down cars for both of us. I came across the Donut car, my wife already had the Carbonator and the Toaster, so I thought I would help her finish her collection off and hunt down the remaining cars she needed which I found 3 of those Buns of Steel cars in a cardboard bin display. I only grabbed one because I thought I could come back to me one at a later date. I thought it was a common car. So, I go and get those two cars off my wife's wall and, low and behold, the two cars in my wife's collection were in fact Treasure Hunt cars. I found one while she had found one before that and neither one of us caught it. I should have. I knew about it, knew what to look for, but completely missed it. Another one of those moments instead in this situation I slapped my forehead. I missed two more without realizing it.
  17. I'm in! You ought to do a 2600 Ms. Pac-Man Squad Challenge along side this one, too 😉
  18. Have you ever had one of those times when you questioned buying something and not realizing what you bought or passed up until you got home? Today was my day for that. I went to the store to get some items we needed. Before leaving I headed for the Hot Wheels. No harm in looking right? Wrong. Before I knew it I had 30 cars in my buggy. One car I grabbed made me try to find the rest to complete to series. I found them, all five cars. The fifth car, a neat looking race truck, was the first I found on a peg hanging front and center. During checkout I had put most of the Hot Wheels cars back including the complete 5 car set I hunted down. At the last second I grabbed the little race truck. He just looked cool and I had not seen it before. He went home with me. Once I got home I got a closer look at him. My jaw dropped. Here...take a look. See? Cool little truck, right? Most Hot Wheels collectors might catch it but get a good look. See anything? I'll give you a hint...pay close attention to the artwork on the model. See it now? For those that missed it or simply don't know, behind the front wheel is a circle with a flame. This is a special marking to HW cars because it indicates what are called Treasure Hunts. Once I seen that I turned the card to try to see behind it. Sure enough... "Congratulations! We're celebrating 25 years of treasure-hunts and you just found one!" ...is on the blister card behind the truck. Out of all of the years and decades of hunting and collecting Hot Wheels cars this is the first Treasure Hunt vehicle I have ever found. And I almost left it behind. I never even realized or noticed that it was a Treasure Hunt vehicle until I got it home. I'm glad I didn't leave it at the store. I know it sounds childish but finding that car today just made my day a bit better and brighter. Especially with this virus thing going on right now. Its amazing what a little toy car can do sometimes when it does nothing at all but sit there.
  19. Fight! Fight! Fight!! 😄 Food Fight should be seen as a 7800 exclusive. I don't think it was on any other game console and it is a blast to play. I looks good with the vibrant colors and sounds really good considering it is only using TIA for the sounds. Imagine if that much work and effort in the sound and music department went into TIA on the 2600 games. Nice 2-player battle, Justin and Creeper! Sounds like you guys had fun even if you have a technical issue.
  20. Freddy would get his butt whipped...if I know Watson. If she's got the balls to punch Malfoy then Krueger doesn't stand a chance.
  21. Clue had a competitor called Whodunit? I had both. I liked them both but favored Whodunit? better. The player pieces were wood. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/1691/whodunit My wife and I have board games but rarely play them. I get board (see how I did that?) with them quickly. I'll play board games on a game machine all day long because you can have more than two players. During my young adult years I would visit my cousin often. Her house was grand central station for fun. And she had a ton of board games. She also had a few for the NES and SuperNES. Clue was one she had on the Super which was a lot of fun but you had to have the game's manual because your "scratch" sheet was on two center pages. She would take it to work with her and make copies using their Xerox machine. I got the Genesis port and, yep, same thing. I went to the post office to get mine copied. Fun game but make sure you have the manual.
  22. Nope...Mr. Body did it. Mr Green worked for the F.B.I. 😉
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