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  1. Almost everyday for me. I usually play a classic before wife wants me to join her in a game on XBOX. Sometimes I can't decide what to play so I just grab the XBOX controller.
  2. Oooo....Joust and Bayou Billy are in that box?!? And Mario Kart???
  3. Always looking for games I don't have. Especially 2600 and NES. I can't find those locally.
  4. Konami, known for their classic hits on early platforms, has released a collection of their popular arcade games for modern hardware to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Happy 50th Konami and thanks for doing this. https://www.konami.com/games/50th/ac/arcade/us/en/
  5. Aww man. I'm after 6 and 7. Game Pass has been a blessing because I get to play Forza Horizon 4 while its on their service. Very nicely done.
  6. GwG is how I got the first Horizon. Caught Horizon 2 on sale last year. I'm currently working on Forza Motorsport 4 and I have Motorsport 3 on wish list. I know, I'm doing it backwards. I still have NOT completed Forza on the original XBOX. One thing I can say helped me out was changing the camera view. I can't drive as good with my car in front of me. It blocks the road. Once I switch to the in-car view it's on like Donkey Kong. Gives the game a first-person visual that I have come to expect. And if any other racing game I play doesn't have it I usually skip on playing them.
  7. Now that's cool! That TurboStick is a sexy piece of gaming hardware. Hell, the entire TG-16 hardware line is probably one of the sexiest looking systems when compared to the other 16-bit consoles at that time. Super and Genesis looked cool but TG-16 had the more necktie look to me. Super cool. I'm still searching for a system. I miss it.
  8. Virtual Boy with three games. I was working then. I spent way too much for the thing though. At least the machine had its original box, the games had just the fronts of their boxes which was sort of misled by the pictures. Wario, Galactic Pinball, Tennis were there. Fun games but hard on the eyes.
  9. I don't play Forza online at all. I'm not that good but I do my best at the game's main story line and optional missions or quests. Turn 10 just released a few weeks ago information on a new Forza game coming soon. This one is for Windows 10 and I believe mobile devices. I just started this post so others could post pictures of their rides in the game. I thought it would be neat to see how other players did their vehicles.
  10. 1993. Wasn't Lynx retired in 1991? If my memory serves me well, and Lynx was ceased in 1991, then it was luck to find anything Lynx in any store. I found mine in Game X Change headquarters. Traded off some stuff for a new one with a padded case and a couple of games. Joust and APB. I later went back and got the power supply after experiencing a battery hungry system. It was the Lynx II. Box said it had a free game inside but game to be found. Game X Change manager said that was how they got them. None of the new units had their pack-in game. Which was fine with me since I already had Chip's Challenge on PC and found it rather boring.
  11. I can't seem to get close to my highest score now My hat off to the developer! Awesome port.
  12. My wife and I are Borderlands people. Anxiously waiting for 3 to come out. They also reworked the original.
  13. As much as it was not correct with the arcade game, 2600's Pac-Man does have its own charm here and there.
  14. Todd Frye had no clue, did he? He didn't get the idea that porting a hit arcade game meant you do everything you can to get as close to the arcade hit as possible. He'd never played the arcade Pac-Man. "People freaked out with exits at the top and bottom. I don't get that!", he says. That's because those "exits" are not where the arcade game had them...at the sides. And they are "tunnels", not exits. "My maze was simple." Um, no, your maze was a mess and not accurate to the arcade. That maze was designed that way for a reason. It gave the players a maze where strategy played a key role in surviving a single game for a long time. Changing the maze removed that strategy...and the reason why people actually played the game and why Pac-Man became a huge success. That and it has lovable characters each with their own personalities...none of which the 2600 received. Not poking but those comments were just an insight that the Pac-Man game he was playing in the video might very well have been the closest he got to how Pac-Man really was. "Colors are bright." That's how it's suppose to be. Very little flicker...a timing thing. However it is expected to see some flicker in 2600 games due to its nature. Bottomline...no game will be a huge success if money is the sole reason for which it is made. For a game to succeed, no matter what platform it is created for, it needs to be developed by those that love the game they are working on and not expecting any money at all. If that can be accomplished then the chances are that the final product will be a success. Money-for-profit should always come second in game development, not first. Gearbox, SCS Software, Giant, and many other indie developers are examples of this. A single game idea where the game was built in spare time with little to no financial support turned into some of the biggest modern franchises to date. Borderlands, Euro/American Trucking Simulators, Farming Simulators (now at 2019)...and just look at Minecraft. All key examples.
  15. Why? Why? Why? Why wasn't this the first version of Pac-Man the 2600 got? This is AWESOME balls!! I've got to get this on cart some how. This is BEGGING to be played on real hardware. Here's my score so far. And I am including one screenshot only to provide a clearer picture of the score. It serves no other purpose.
  16. Hello fellow Atarians! Have any of you ever heard of this game? The reason why I ask is because I found this game at Wal-Mart. Price tag said $11 but rang up at $5. No complaints there. Of course, makes no sense, insert the disc and have to wait for it to install and download the update and included DLC. I miss inserting a game and being able to play right away. While at the store looking at the screenshots on the packaging I kept telling myself how much the game reminded me of Mega Man/Rockman. ? Once home I looked up the game. No wonder it looks like Mega Man...it was done by the same creator. But I also learned of its troublesome history being a Kick starter project and sounded like it almost never came to be. I've only played the first level and I enjoyed it..every bit of it! I like the game's visuals. I haven't paid much attention to the music yet but I understand the graphics and music can be changed to an 8-bit style. Gotta try that out sometime! DLC included a character named Ray and related level, package included an art book and double sided poster. The only thing I wish the art book had was text outlining either character history, stats, or both but the art book is cool. I ask about this game to see if others here have played it yet? I'd like to hear their thoughts about it.
  17. For me it depends on the system. On the 5200 its Pac-Man but I like Ms on there too. The 7800 has the best port of Ms. Pac-Man, period. There's no competition there. Jr. Pac-Man on the A8 and 5200 are really good as would have been Super PAC on the 5200. On a side note...wife and I have been playing a farm game. In the game you can hunt down 100 gold nuggets for an easy $1M earning. While hunting I ran into this building with a gold nugget on top...
  18. Hey hey! A new recruit! Welcome to Atari I/O and very nice score.
  19. Decent ST setup? A standard 520 can do a LOT. The only thing to watch out for are ST games that state they are for STe only. But for the most part it was mandatory that most ST programs were to work on the 520. I'd recommend an STFM because 1): floppy drive and power supply are built in, no bricks, 2): They offer RF TV out, standard STs don't. It's nice to see a high score challenge for the ST. It's easy to see all kinds of high scores for other Atari consoles...the STs don't seem to get as much attention. As to why is beyond me. No they are not as readily available as the A8s but they are solid systems with some good games here and there. I do know that most of the games I have tried left a lot to be desired or just felt and played weird. Then again it was a time when shareware was born and anyone with the tools and know how was attempting to make games. Some good, some not so good. I would have loved to see the likes of Apogee, ID, and Epic make games for the ST. Could you imagine Doom on the ST? How about Zone 66 which was a pain to get working on a decent PC setup because of its conventional memory requirements. STs are nice no matter which model you have. Easy to use but like an Apple on the price point.
  20. I can give one a home. I already have a 4-switch woody. If you have a Vader unit, working or not, I'd be interested. I can fix whatever is broken or not working. How many 2600's do you have (not being nosy but curious and you don't have to answer if you don't want to)? I know, man, divorces suck. Been through one. Lost practically everything but it was a turning point where I managed to better myself if that makes sense. Some times good things can come out of bad situations.
  21. It is possible to use a PC drive but there is an issue...Atari ST Floppy drives are set to work as Drive 0 and PC drives are set to work as Drive 1. That's why PC floppy cables have that twist in them to match the drive. Not sure if that is the only difference but I do know that the drive itself has a setting. Not exactly sure if it is a jumper setting or a some other type of connection.
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