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  1. I would probably agree with you if I had a toy store like that near me. Actually, by the time I was in junior high, the only "toys" (besides model rockets and RPG games Gamma world and D & D) I cared for were video games, and luckily (Dan Iacavelli can attest to this too) we had a fantastic small Atari dealer near us called Mars Merchandising. He had everything Atari from consoles to computers, and, IIRC, Commodore and others too, but the specialty was Atari. And they took trade-ins as well, so I could go there and trade in my old games and consoles (and computer books I hardly used) for the newest ones. I was in heaven every time I wandered through that store! Atari from floor to ceiling and in just about every isle, not to mention the systems and computers hooked up so you could try before you buy, the latest games and systems. Sort of like that game store in the movie Cloak and Dagger, if anyone remembers that classic (the kid from E.T.).
  2. Thanks for the props, but I can't say it's a great catch, it looked pretty obvious to me, and I think even you would have realized it sooner or later.
  3. The loss of American malls as cultural epicenters has to be one of the great social tragedies of our day. And it makes no sense to me why so many have gone into ruin and become giant indoor ghost towns. So many of us still go to Walmarts and whatnot for holiday shopping, so why not the great malls of yesteryear? I would, if they were still around where I live. I hate online shopping. It's just no fun at all compared to malls and window-shopping. Digital pictures online and waiting for the UPS truck suck in comparison and it's no way for the young generations to experience the Christmas season! And the tragedy of political correctness has even gotten rid of the Main street decorations in most towns and cities. It seems lost forever, just like the rest of traditional America. So damned sad and disappointing! We arel left only with Supercenter Walmarts and cruddy strip malls. Why does today's generation prefer strip malls?!? Where's that time machine again? I remember my parents and grand parents always talking about how much better things were in their day, but I think we are the generation effected most by social change. We can tell our children how great America once was, and is no more, and it will be more true than any previous generations. Our parents and grand parents lived in simpler, friendlier, safer times, but we lived in a nation of greatness, if not so simple and safe, but now it seems all that is lost too.
  4. Yes, I really miss going to Kay-bee toys during the holidays or any other time searching for games on sale,etc. And Service Merchandise! God I miss that store, it was always a unique experience with so much different areas and stuff to look at, it's where I bought my first Atari computer, the 130XE. I remember the salesman trying to talk me into getting an 800XL since they were on sale for $50 less than the XE, but I just had to have 128K memory to match my friend with his Apple IIc! And Montgomery Ward, another missed store. A funny thing about MW though, I thought the company went completely out of business around the turn of the century and I hadn't seen any store in Wisconsin or Texas where I've lived for the last 15 years, but I moved to Oklahoma a few months ago, and to my extreme surprise, I recently got a Montgomery Wards catalog in the mail! Does anyone else still have Montgomery Wards near them? And Zayre! Holy cow! I'd completely forgotten about that store until I saw the picture above! Yeah, I need to get a time machine too! I had all those Star Wars play sets, as well and the Sand Crawler and Walker cardboard sets! Man, what memories! I had a childhood friend name John Guenther, and he had the Death Star play set and a couple X-wings and a Tie-fighter, and I would bring all my smaller play sets, like the Falcon, Star Destroyer, Hoth base and the others and my "battle damaged" X-wing and Darth Vader Tie-fighter and we would spend the weekend with all of them together set up in his basement and make our own epic Star Wars stories. he had an 8mm B/W camera and we did a bit of stop-motion movie making with the action figures and stuff too, like attaching X-wings and Tie-fighters to string runners and pushing them down the string while filming! We used those fire-cracker snaps and smoke bombs for battle action with the camera too! Such great memories. I sometimes wonder what ever became of John and those old 8mm movies we used to make.
  5. If you are referring to 3DO Road Rash, then I believe the player bike stays in the same place on the screen when touching the road, and only goes up or down when jumping off a hill. The A.I. character bikes are scaled sprites as they pass the player character and drive off into the distance or vice versa. As to the "flying in air" thing i was referring too, yes, a ground shadow would help, but I think it's more that the roadway lanes are too small for the size of the bike, so it gives the illusion that the bike is off the ground and the lanes are smaller down below. I thought that just changing the Angle/perspective of the road would fix this, but maybe the road just needs to be wider with wider/bigger lanes? for example, with standard size lanes, a car should fit in them with room to spare on either side of the car in between the white/yellow road lines, a bigger vehicle like a semi-truck would nearly take up the entire lane with no room to spare on either side, and with motorcycles you should be able to fit 2-3 side-by-side in one lane, where as in your PoC, the bike takes up as much room in the lane as you would expect one car to take, so it makes the road either look too small, or, far below the bike and the bike "looks" like it's way above the road. The scale of bike vs. roadway is wrong. i thought initially this was a perspective problem, maybe it's just a size/scale problem.
  6. I remember seeing an INTV, either 2 or 3 back in the late 80's as a Toys-R-Us while picking up some 7800 games. I looked at it briefly (it had a white and red motif) and I saw a screen shot on the back of the box for Commando, and it looked pretty good, at least as good as the 7800 version I had then. But I was all Atari all the time back then, so I never did get one. Obviously it didn't last a long or wasn't even as "popular" as the 7800 :unsure: , like that's saying much. But I haven't seen one in years. I think it was a INTV 2, but I seem to recall hearing about a number 3 at some point too, does an INTV 3 exist? I at least know the 2 does, I saw it in person. But I never see anything about either on any forums that have INTV sub-forums...maybe I need to go to an INTV exclusive forum? Anyway, I'll do a search a post a pic of the one I saw at TRU at least.
  7. I would say input, curves and hills first, I think AI can wait further down the line after you get it to where you want it with just the one player character. the HUD I think, is also something that can wait. Camera shifting I think should come after the input, curves and hills. Also though, it looks to me like the perspective needs some tweeking, right now it looks like the bike is floating about 10-20 feet above the track. In the snap shots you put up, I thought I was seeing the bike in the air like it just went over a big hill, until I saw the video and noticed the bike was constantly "in the air." Right now the road looks like it's way below the bike. So either the bike needs to be lower on the screen or the road raised up to the bike. with the behind the bike perspective, that looks like it does in RR, my guess is the roadway needs to be raised. Or, maybe a bit of both.
  8. I totally understand the limited time-frame put into this, but honestly, it seems like you have done a ton in that time. You could have said it was just a few weeks worth of work and I still would be impressed. I did notice it's running slower in the above video, than in previous ones, but it's also super smooth, if slow, a lot smoother than 3DO RR, I think they did some frame skipping to increase the feeling of speed in that game. Of course this is extremely early and you said if you can get 8-10fps then the next step would be moving away from the 68000, but it's impressive that this is being done with just the 68000, Blitter and OP and still not using the GPU and DSP!
  9. Cool, so you aren't the only one doing the project, you have an artist. I only suggested myself as a future possibility if you needed help with art, but since you have some one, good show! I'll be happy continuing to just be an observer and maybe throw some ideas out there like before. I'm looking forward to the latest work, I know you talked about getting rid of the buildings dropping off the screen like in the previous video, looking forward to that.
  10. Welcome to Atari.io Chris! All I did was go to AA to invite you and VladR to this forum and I did a quick perusal of the RR thread, saw that it had just become yet another flaming, trolling mess by the jerks over there, watched the PoC video and left. I don't intend on going back to wade through that mess to see what VladR said, I'll let him clear things up here. But I say, never say never. If he's willing to go through the trouble of a PoC, maybe someday he will do more. I'd be willing to pitch in my artistic skill to such a project, if it did ever go further. I'd just need to know and get the art programs and dev. tools to use for graphics being converted to the Jag from a PC. Besides Atari 8-bit graphic art with Rambrandt, micro illustrator and some low-res 256 color art programs and a bit on the ST with Degas and Neochrome, I have zero experience with digital art, on anything modern. I'm a good traditional media artist though, and would like to get into art for Jag games. In any case, it will be fun just discussing things with you guys without rude trolls interrupting the thread.
  11. There is a motorcycle racing game called Super Burnout, which is one of the Jag's best games, if you ever played Sega's Hang-on or Sazuka 8 hours (don't recall who did that one) think of those games on steroids, way too many steroids, and it blows away Road Rash (any version) in the frame-rate department (super-smooth 60fps!), but it's pure racing, no racing-combat like RR, so yeah, a RR type game is still needed on the Jag. Well, VladR is working on one, and already has a proof-of-concept video for it from the work he's done already. It's a cross between Genesis RR and 3DO RR, and yes, I too think it could be done very well on the Jag, better than any before PSX RR3D at least. I'll let VladR show you guys his work though, there is a PoC video up in the Jag forum at AA, but I can't stand the site and don't want to lead anyone there for any reason if i can help it. A ridiculous flame war erupted in the thread talking about his project, and was one of the reasons I had enough of AA and started looking for a better forum and found Atari.io. I'm actually glad AA is such a cesspool as I never would have found Atari.io if I hadn't been driven away (my decision) from AA. I invited VladR to this forum so he/we could discuss Jaguar ideas and projects without interruptions from trolls and our conversations/threads ending up getting locked due to them. Atari.io is great, no doubt, but it does need some community members who are into developing games for our classic systems to really liven the place up with new game content and not only games from yesteryear. There's a huge home-brew community out there for Atari and many other classic systems, as many of you know, and I personally don't want to miss out on current events just because AtariAge is the place where things get announced and discussed first or right now, only.
  12. he's working on a RR type game for the Jaguar! Gotta get your PoC vid linked here VladR! maybe scroll down in the forums to the Introduce yourself forums here, VladR, and tell about who you are and what you are working on? But first scroll down and read the forum rules, it's a whole different, and better place than AA!
  13. Hey VadR! glad you found Atari.io! i'm Bakerman here, no more Gunstar. But i am looking forward to discussion with you once again without AA trolls interrupting!
  14. I was working on some electrical issues a few weeks ago, and I had removed some breakers, 30 Amp and 20 Amp to replace, and initially installed them backwards (that is in each other's place, not literally backwards!), and stupid me, left a bunch of electronics plugged in while doing it. so, long story short, I burned out a bunch of power packs; My router's, my xbox 360's, my Jag and Jag CD and my Panasonic FZ-1. I replaced all power packs, some I had extras, luckily, like my 360 and Jaguar, but my 3DO has an internal transformer that blew. Luckily the 3DO has a fuse on the motherboard that stopped further damage, but I need to replace it's transformer. I found replacements on-line through an electronic vendor, by the part number, but they want $75 just for the transformer, plus shipping, and I can only hope it's wired the same way as the same model in the 3DO, I can't tell from the poor pictures on-line. So, I thought I would ask around if anyone had an old FZ-1 model 3DO (that's the model with the sliding tray, not the FZ-10 model with the flip-top door) that still powers on, but maybe is broken elsewhere that I could buy or trade for cheap or whatever. I did see a couple on ebay, but the sellers want over $50 for a broken system! And that's not including the cost of shipping, about $20-25! So I'd be no better off. If you can help me out, let me know. buy, trade (if I have something you can use), whatever. Oh, and if you can handle a screw driver, and opening up that broken FZ-1, I wouldn't even need the whole bulky system, just the transformer inside, it's easily unplug-able once the system is open! Thanks! PS- I'll start a real wish list soon in hopes of some good trades with you fine people, but right now I just wish for my beloved 3DO to be working again. And I hate wasting vintage systems, I'll repair instead of replace any day of the week if I can.
  15. Bakerman

    Your first car

    I don't have any original pictures of me and my first car any more, I don't think, but it was a 1976 Monte Carlo with a 400 big-block and Quadro-Jet 4-barrel carb. It was Canary yellow. Net picture below, just imagine that in yellow, and a guy with long, dirty blond hair and wearing a leather biker jacket with a Camel sticking out of his mouth and you have me. Of course I owned it in about '86. God, I loved that car and beat the living hell out of it street racing and doing dry pavement donuts and we (me and buddies) would hold the brakes and spin the tires on our cars to see who could do the biggest smoke show, in the high school parking lot of course, until the principal broke it up! I went through a LOT of used tires on that car, and surprisingly, never blew the motor or dropped the transmission! I did drive it through the woods once, just stoned and drunk, with a load of friends, and nearly wedged it between two trees! I made it through, but had big dents and scrapes down both sides of it after that! :unsure:
  16. Wow, guess there are some vids of it on youtube:
  17. No, even though the name is similar, they are really nothing alike. Wild metal is a 3rd person view tank game with real trajectory on-the-fly shooting (lobbing), and searching for power pods you need to collect to open the level-up transporter, but also you find different types of guns and mines and it's really just hard to explain. I'll search, but I doubt there is even a Youtube video to check out since it is an unkown title pretty much, a real sleeper, but just so damned fun! i remember when I first got it and had my DC at my sister's house, she, my brother-in-law, brother, nephew and I couldn't get enough of it, and my sister, for one, is more of a Simcity, Sims and puzzle type of player who usually steers clear of tanks and shooters and whatnot, but she ADORES Wild Metal. It is just a really, really unique game and damn hard to explain it all, my description does it no justice at all. It's different than anything Rockstar made before or since. But I must say, ANYONE who owns a DC, needs to get this game and give it a try. It does have a bit of a learning curve, but not bad, and it's FUN trying to learn it! And tons of out-of-this-world tanks to choose and face in the mountainous worlds you explore. Like I said, it reminds me of something that should be on the Atari Jaguar, but wasn't. Damned Impressive for it's time in a strange sort of way. A real out-of-the-norm type of game, with elements of many different explore and shoot type games...I wish I could explain it, but hey, you have a DC in the pics, I see, and the game, why not check it out?
  18. Cool. I saved some carts before in about the same shape. I noticed that DC game Wild Metal, I love that game, A sleeper title by Rockstar! It always reminded me of the type of game I'd expect on the Jaguar. it's really fun to me because of the physics of shooting, easy to learn, hard to master and takes rel skill. One of my favorite DC titles.
  19. I love technology and the net is pretty much the only social interaction I have anymore, being a single 47 year-old-man, but I am grateful technology grew up with me instead of me growing up with it. I'd hate to be a teenager these days! I'd love to be back in 1985 and young again though...
  20. The Internet has brought us together from around the world even when separated by thousands of miles geographically, and forums like this are the only reason retro gaming communities and new games for old systems as well as all different types of on-line communities exist. otherwise we would all be playing are ancient systems alone, with no new games and many of us may have forgotten about them all together. But, this new social culture is also distant and cold, there's practically no face to face discussion anymore, almost no playing games in the same room with friends, actual physical interaction, it's all Xbox Live, etc. now... We have traded interpersonal relationships for distant, instant, pen-pal social lives. So much good has come from the Internet, but we are also losing ourselves culturally and intimately. It's just such a shame that we can't still have both. And what's with the youth of this generation and texting instead of actually talking to each other on phones and in person? My GOD, we have a generation of introverts! Do teenagers even hang out together anywhere anymore? When I was a teenager, you couldn't keep me at home, we were at malls, arcades, cruising in are cars down main street to see who we could get together for a tail gate party drinking and smoking and having, uhumm...sex. Now they all stay at home and are one their PC's and phones interacting with texting and facebook. Do high school parties exist any more? Social lives like in Weird Science and Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Or do they all drink and smoke separately at homes in their rooms and text each other about how bombed they are? I find it all very sad.
  21. I had a couple of these, I bought mine from either Best E., or B&C, but they were selling for $10-15 back when I got mine. I sold them along with my video-mod 7800 a while back, but I liked them, grade B-. I too removed the thumb pad, but kept it handy as a few games worked better with it installed. I also used it with my 2600 and Atari 8-bit computer and Atari ST. Before I got those, I modded a Genesis controller myself two work with two buttons. I've heard that Master system controller work with 2 buttons on the 7800 without modding, but I never tried one myself.
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