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  1. It should be fun. It's rare that I get to the theaters anymore, it has to be something epic with epic special effects I must see on a bigger screen than my projector (up to 200") The new Star Wars is such an exception, and maybe this too. Pretty much Imax releases only, these days, and only a few of those.

  2. I would probably agree with you if I had a toy store like that near me. Actually, by the time I was in junior high, the only "toys" (besides model rockets and RPG games Gamma world and D & D) I cared for were video games, and luckily (Dan Iacavelli can attest to this too) we had a fantastic small Atari dealer near us called Mars Merchandising. He had everything Atari from consoles to computers, and, IIRC, Commodore and others too, but the specialty was Atari. And they took trade-ins as well, so I could go there and trade in my old games and consoles (and computer books I hardly used) for the newest ones. I was in heaven every time I wandered through that store! Atari from floor to ceiling and in just about every isle, not to mention the systems and computers hooked up so you could try before you buy, the latest games and systems. Sort of like that game store in the movie Cloak and Dagger, if anyone remembers that classic (the kid from E.T.).

  3. Thanks for the Link Nosweargamer. I did see that pac-man plug and play at Dollar General before Thanksgiving, just one, and I debated picking it up, as there are several games on it I really like, especially a real arcade version of Xevious, But I hesitated because that blocky pac-man style controller just looks like it would be absolutely aweful to hold onto for more than 2 minutes while trying to play the game. It was gone when I went back a week later anyway, and everything is gone now except for the Star Wars game. I'm not interested in it because it looks like just one game on it.


    I think I'm going to get the Flashback 6. I like the wireless controllers and it would be worth it just for Solaris alone!

  4. I'm a big-time audio/videophile, and yes, I do remember those CED players. Actually, I own the one pictured  as well as RCA's very first one with the manual release lever and a third Toshiba model. I own about 20-30 CED video discs too. I love unusual tech like this. I discovered them about 15 years ago, and never knew it was possible to put video on LP-type records, though these are about 100 times as dense with grooves as traditional audio LP's. The model i use regularly is the Toshiba, because it's a later model with stereo sound, RCA video/stereo outputs. the other two are mono and only use the coaxial output. CED movies that had Stereo sound are either in blue caddies, or white caddies with blue tray, mono movies are completely white. For example, I can tell just by looking that that Mighty Mouse movie pictured above is mono sound. CED movies had to be in the protective caddies because the grooves were so fine, that any dust at all, or even a fingerprint can ruin them, just touching one with your finger not only leaves oily residue that makes them skip, but you can actuall flatten the fine grooves doing so. The grooves are so dense, that the records actually give off the rainbow effect just like CD's and DVD's. Also, you absolutely HAVE to store the vertically, if you try to store them horizontally, the mere weight of a few CED's on top of others will crush the grooves!


    I remember seeing an e-bay auction where the person had about 50 CED's all stacked horizontally, and I sent a message telling them that all those discs are now ruined. He wrote back that they were fine, he knew how to handle them properly and he only stacked them that way for long enough to take the pictures. I replied that just stacking them that way for an instant ruins them, gravity doesn't wait like in cartoons, and that he had no idea how to handle them properly. Avoid at all cost buying CED discs if they are pictured in the auction stacked horizontally. they are ruined and will destroy your player stylus too, if you attempt to play them. A VERY sensitive media! And if you buy any CED movies online, make sure that no more than two or three at a time are sent in a package, any more than that and the plastic caddies will cave-in in the middle, ruining the disc(s) on the bottom, and because delivery men don't know what they are, and the boxes may be set down wrong and the weight will destroy the discs, and make sure they are always insured, as the packages may get other stuff stacked on top during delivery too.


    I own just about every video format there is except for Betamax and digital tape. CED, Laserdisc, Video CD, VHS, Super VHS, DVD, Blueray...same with audio, everything from reel-to-reel tape, 8-track, LP, cassette, CD, etc., etc.


    Here's a good site for CED collectors with tons of info on all models, general history and tech and where one can get replacement belts, needles (stylus cartridge), etc.:




    here are the other two models I own:






  5. Great catch ! Yes, you are correct. The scale of the road is obviously wrong. I merely imported the texture, not paying attention as to whether it is 2 or 4 lanes, but did not yet play around with matching the texel density between buildings and the road, which applies to bike too.


    Duly noted into the To Do List


    Thanks ! ;)

    Thanks for the props, but I can't say it's a great catch, it looked pretty obvious to me, and I think even you would have realized it sooner or later.

  6. The loss of American malls as cultural epicenters has to be one of the great social tragedies of our day. And it makes no sense to me why so many have gone into ruin and become giant indoor ghost towns. So many of us still go to Walmarts and whatnot for holiday shopping, so why not the great malls of yesteryear? I would, if they were still around where I live. I hate online shopping. It's just no fun at all compared to malls and window-shopping. Digital pictures online and waiting for the UPS truck suck in comparison and it's no way for the young generations to experience the Christmas season! And the tragedy of political correctness has even gotten rid of the Main street decorations in most towns and cities. It seems lost forever, just like the rest of traditional America. So damned sad and disappointing! We arel left only with Supercenter Walmarts and cruddy strip malls. Why does today's generation prefer strip malls?!? Where's that time machine again?


    I remember my parents and grand parents always talking about how much better things were in their day, but I think we are the generation effected most by social change. We can tell our children how great America once was, and is no more, and it will be more true than any previous generations. Our parents and grand parents lived in simpler, friendlier, safer times, but we lived in a nation of greatness, if not so simple and safe, but now it seems all that is lost too.

  7. Yes, I really miss going to Kay-bee toys during the holidays or any other time searching for games on sale,etc. And Service Merchandise! God I miss that store, it was always a unique experience with so much different areas and stuff to look at, it's where I bought my first Atari computer, the 130XE. I remember the salesman trying to talk me into getting an 800XL since they were on sale for $50 less than the XE, but I just had to have 128K memory to match my friend with his Apple IIc!


    And Montgomery Ward, another missed store. A funny thing about MW though, I thought the company went completely out of business around the turn of the century and I hadn't seen any store in Wisconsin or Texas where I've lived for the last 15 years, but I moved to Oklahoma a few months ago, and to my extreme surprise, I recently got a Montgomery Wards catalog in the mail! Does anyone else still have Montgomery Wards near them? 


    And Zayre! Holy cow! I'd completely forgotten about that store until I saw the picture above!


    Yeah, I need to get a time machine too!


    I had all those Star Wars play sets, as well and the Sand Crawler and Walker cardboard sets! Man, what memories! I had a childhood friend name John Guenther, and he had the Death Star play set and a couple X-wings and a Tie-fighter, and I would bring all my smaller play sets, like the Falcon, Star Destroyer, Hoth base and the others and my "battle damaged" X-wing and Darth Vader Tie-fighter and we would spend the weekend with all of them together set up in his basement and make our own epic Star Wars stories. he had an 8mm B/W camera and we did a bit of stop-motion movie making with the action figures and stuff too, like attaching X-wings and Tie-fighters to string runners and pushing them down the string while filming! We used those fire-cracker snaps and smoke bombs for battle action with the camera too! Such great memories. I sometimes wonder what ever became of John and those old 8mm movies we used to make.

  8. I was looking at two of my local Dollar General recently, with Christmas coming and all, to look into the latest Atari Flashback and if INTV or Colecovison or any others might have come out, but the stores near me are completely devoid of the consoles. They don't even have any of the ones with several classic arcade games in a joystick, no Genesis flashbacks or flashback portables either! The shelves are just filled with a lot of cheap, junk toys. Has anyone else seen any of these game systems at their local Dollar General? Or even at Walmart, etc.?

  9. I definitely know that momentum feeling...I just can't play Tempest 2000 unless I start from the beginning, if I try to start at a higher saved level, the onslaught is too much for me because I'm not yet "in the zone." 


    With Fatal Run, I thought the passwords were to simplistic and since they were actual "words" that I might lose my upgrades, now I know for sure. At leas I'll only lose a 6-cylinder engine, protective glass and radial tires...not too bad. I will have to try and finish or die tonight, since I'm close to a third of the way through, maybe it's not too far to start out fresh, yet far enough along to actually finish. 

  10. It's my all-time favorite 2600 game too. it and about 10 other games are all I play on the 2600 anymore. Most games are just too primitive for me, especially when I can play better versions of my favorites on my Atari 8-bit computer. But Solaris is a 2600 exclusive and better than many Atari 8-bit and 7800 games! If I want Star Raiders, I go straight to the Atari 8-bit, best version ever. But my top three favorite 2600 games are Solaris, Star Voyager and Star Master. I can't get enough of space shooters on the 2600. But only Solaris still blows me away with it's graphics. Another very classic, old school space shooter that is really fun is Exidy's Star Fire. I used to play it all the time in the arcades way back when. The Atari 8-bit has an excellent version of it too. The reason I mention Star Fire is because it's a rare High-res 320x192 monochrome game on the Atari 800, and done well. However, none of them compare to Solaris.


    It was definitely a later 2600 release when Atari Corp. started making 2600 games again for the 2600jr. I missed out on it back in the 80's because I had long since moved on from the 2600 by the time the jr. came out. IIRC, I got my copy of Solaris in a box load of all kinds of vintage games and consoles I bought from a game dealer in Texas about 10 years ago (I got a Vectrex with it all too, another system I wanted as a kid but never got). I was curious about Solaris, so I popped it on my 7800, not expecting much but maybe another Star Voyager/Master type of game. Wow was i surprised!

  11. That is cool, but now you ruined it for me! Why did I have to play that movie? I was just playing Fatal Run on my DC 7800 emulator tonight. I made it to about the 6-7 city and wrote down the password to continue tomorrow. I will see that ending. Actually, I also played some Xevious, Xenophobe, Commando and Motor Psycho tonight too. But they all don't play as well as on the real hardware. I hope I can get a real 7800 and these games again soon. But like most vintage consoles, they are too expensive for me right now...so I have to live with emulation.

  12. I have Revolt on my DC. I loved the game. I've never been a PC gamer, unless you consider 8/16-bit Atari and Commodore's PC's. After the 16-bit era of computers I'm only a console gamer (except for my vintage computers), I only use my PC for surfing, e-mail and as a file server for my 8/16-bit computers. Those PC graphics do look pretty sweet though. It's been a while since I played Revolt on my DC, so I forget how it compares. I'll have to fire it up again to remember.

  13. Have none of you ever seen or played the many Army Men games released by 3DO Company? It's their main developments after the demise of 3DO consoles. I think just about every console from PS1 to Dreamcast had them and possibly Game Cube as mentioned?. The Dreamcast also has Toy Commander, a fantastic game. Not to downplay this game in any way, but it's not like it's a new concept. This game looks pretty much just like Army Men and Toy Commander, just updated for the latest hardware. If you own any of these systems, I highly recommend these games. This is evolutionary, not revolutionary. Below are just a few examples of an entire Army men franchise of sequels and variants. And there were levels in some, if not all the Army Men games were they were battling in a home environment like Mean Greens.


    PS1 Army men:


    N64 : 



    Dreamcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTZB9hBJKuE


    Dreamcast Toy Commander:

  14. I have to repeat Lost Dragon, bloody amazing! Finally a true sequel! How far from completion is this actually, it looks pretty complete to me from the video (though I only watched like 2 min. before having to comment.
    I am a fan of the re-branded Star Raiders II, and the actual Star Fighter version that was released some years ago, with the Frontier included and all. But this "3D" Star Raiders II is the best yet! Of love this early "3D" stuff, whether vector like Battlezone and Mercenary, or 3D "dot" style like this. Now I really have to dig my 1200XL out of storage and repair it, just so I can play this!


    Bloody amazing!


    Now, where's that unheard of lost copy of Atari 8-bit Elite? :xevious_solavou:
    It's stuff like this, popping up 31 years after the fact, out of no where, and the other stuff that Lost Dragon mentioned above, that still makes me believe we are still not finished having "lost" games suddenly show up for every Atari from the 2600 to the Jaguar. And all other vintage consoles too! As I like to say: Never say never. In what can be found, and in what a system is actually capable of in the right programmer's hands. Often beyond what the designers and engineers even thought possible! Any time someone tells me something is impossible, the only thing I think is that they just don't have the imagination or capacity themselves.


    The best thing to happen to Atari 8-bits in maybe forever, but at least since we got that incredible version of Space Harrier.

  15. If I ever get an arcade machine, it definitely has to be one of the sit-down cockpit types, probably Star Wars Arcade, but I'm trying to remember what other Atari brand sit-down arcade machines there were? I know one of my all-time favorites, if not the favorite, is the Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator, but that is Sega. But, if I did get either a Star Wars or Star Trek sit-down machine, I would definitely have to retro-fit it for use with my consoles too (but keeping the original game intact too. I would probably have to trade out the old screen for a new flat screen, if it were possible, though I don't recall if the Star Wars and Star Trek games maybe had a special screen for those vector graphics? If so then I'd have to get two, one for the original vector screen and one retro-fitted with a new flat-screen for consoles. Maybe some day...there was a time, about 10-15 years ago when they could be had for cheap, used, like a few hundred dollars. But now they are all antiques and probably cost magnitudes more than when they were new!


    If I am going for the machine just for the "cockpit" I think it would have to be Atari's TX-1:




  16. From what I heard, they no longer have any in stock, but I could be wrong. I have a hard time navigating their website.

    Their website is about 5-10% of what they actually carry. I HIGHLY recommend getting their full, printed catalog. You need to request it and it costs $10, but is more than a catalog, much more. But it has like 10,000 items listed in it. Seriously, the web site is pitiful. Get the catalog. they send updates and addendum's with every order. You have to call or e-mail to actually order anything anyway, so why not have a beautiful catalog/encyclopedia/handbook to do it from? 


    I first heard about their catalog back in the late 90's, after making a similar comment and asking where I could get stuff that I didn't see on Best's website, and figured they didn't carry. I was told to get the catalog, again, it came highly recommended, but I didn't listen. I didn't want to have to pay $10 for a catalog that I thought should be free, after all, they are wanting to sell to me, right? But about ten years later I finally broke down and bought it after having it suggested to me over and over and over. And the suggestion were right. I wish I had bought it ten years sooner. It's well worth the money, and as I said, it is much more than a catalog, it will shock and surprise you. You will pour over it like a good novel. So, I warn you not to make the same mistake I did, and get the catalog, the Atari BIBLE.


    Anyone who considers themselves an Atari fan, NEEDS this catalog, I can't stress it enough. I misplaced mine in my recent move and have missed it ever since. If I don't locate it soon, I'm sending for another. Mine is worn to nearly shreds as it is, that's how much I refer to it and just read through it like an encyclopedia. It IS the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Atari, so to suggest in reference, if you are a fan of Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

  17. I have all the systems that I do want and have over 30. But the ones that I do not want are these.




    Jaguar: Thanks to the Jaguar forums on atariage.


    3DO: Cool system but heard about the intermittent problems with the laser reading discs. Library is sub par and most of the latter games were released on the Playstation.





    Hey, if you never want them, so be it. But I am sorry, but your reasons just aren't very good, IMO. Not wanting a system just because of one cruddy forum, to me, is a pitiful excuse. And the 3DO has a very good library, imo. Both are favorite systems of mine, and I mean ALL-TIME favorites. But I just had to speak up because it saddens me that you don't want them for reasons that I don't see as valid. But it's all good. If you want to never own them for those reasons, more power to you. After all, I don't intend on ever owning any Nintendo systems, and I can't even give a reason, valid or not, I just don't want them. I'd just rather have had you say your just not interested in them rather than the reasons you gave. Cheers!


    I myself left AA for good, specifically due to the jaguar forum there, so I know what you mean about the forum, but it's not going to make me not like my favorite system of all time, I just left.


    Oh, and the laser problems with the 3DO are really only with the cheaply made Goldstar model, if you get either of the Panasonic models that is rarely a problem. Mine is 21 years old and still works like a charm (the laser that is, my 3DO is currently broken due to a transformer issue, but that was my stupidity, not due to poor design or manufacturing).

  18. I love the look! In any woodgrain color it would look sharp! And it works better on the 7800 (and maybe the 5200) as there is more flat surface area for wood grain than the 2600. Of course the old wood-grain consoles and VCR's, etc, were meant to go with the old wood-grain TV's. So I think if I did something like this myself, I'd have to do it to my LCD TV too!

  19. Another topic on the heels of what systems we've never played, as I think we all regret getting rid of some systems in the past.  Again, especially with Christmas wishing. But remember Christmas wishes don't always come true, but it might be fun to see if anyone got what they listed for Christmas. I think the system I regret getting rid of the most and want back the most is the 7800. I guess if you want to list 2 or 3 that's o.k., but don't go overboard please.

  20. I think this is a good topic on the heels of what systems you've never played. Especially with Christmas wishing. But remember Christmas wishes don't always come true, but it might be fun to see if anyone got what they listed for Christmas. For me it's the Turbo Grafix 16 I think. I suppose listing 2-3 is o.k., but don't go overboard please.

  21. I could add to my list now that others have posted some that I forgot about, like the RCA Studio II, etc. But some of you are in DIRE need of stretching your horizons! I thought I was bad, especially with basically ignoring Nintendo in my life, but, WOW, some of you are really behind the 8-ball if you hang out on retro gaming sites like Atari.io. Shame on those who have so many Atari systems you've never played and being a member here! Just kidding! ^_^


    I think Arenafoot and LeeJ07 just need to list the game systems they have played, the list has to be much shorter...and I think some of us need to get together and send them some console love for the holidays! Though I speak out of turn as I'm not in a position to be sending out consoles myself right now. :unsure:

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