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  1. Welcome Cousin Mike!! How great that you finally decided to sign up, we've heard nice things about you!!
  2. HELLO ATARI I/O!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Merry Christmas High Score Squad! Merry Christmas Trading Post! Merry Christmas you wonderful old classic gaming community!!

  3. I LOVE IT!! Boxed KLAX and all those Pac Man Plus games make that collection the tops
  4. Those are so cool No Swear Gamer! I like that you have the KITT car and the Batmobile, and the.... oh... I hope there's lots more to come
  5. Also you guys who are Jaguar players should share these memes we're making. Somebody's gotta fight the fight and it's gonna be us.
  6. It's true! It's absolutely true and they know it's true. That stuff comes from group think and emotional damage. Haha happy that I got to help with the blog!
  7. Is anyone out there trying to finish 7800 Rampart?
  8. I said it before and I'll say it again...... WELCOME DAUBER!! It's great to have you here! I've listened to the Pie Factory podcast before and thought it was fantabulous. I'm excited that you'll be posting your podcast in here, that's awesome. I love arcade culture. Pie Factory is a great listen! That's something we're really into and want to do more with in the site. Having Pie Factory around will be an awesome addition to the family! It's good to see you here dauber, welcome!
  9. What's going on in Secret Santa this year is amazing http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/2597-atari-io-secret-santa-2016/?p=27042

    1. greenween


      So cool! I wish I could have been part of this, next year for sure!!

  10. Welcome aboard Dan!! How'd you find the site? I hope you enjoy the forums and continue to come back
  11. "I watched an episode of West Wing and forgot to take a screenshot and then took a nap" :rofl:
  12. Haha well that's close enough! I should've worded that better. It's cool to have another person into arcade games and celebrating "arcade life". That's where gaming culture started
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