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  1. For me the attraction in Combat 1990 is that it's a one-player game. The reason I didn't like Combat on the 2600 is that it requires two players: given that when we got the 2600 in 1982 my brother was (and, actually, still is, now that I think of it!) ten years older than me, I was kinda-sorta an only child for all practical purposes. Yeah, I had friends, but they didn't always want to play Combat!
  2. GOLDEN AXE! Hang On and Golden Axe. (Can't believe I actually had to listen to remember! Yeah, could have asked Jim, but...what's the fun in that?? What grinds my gears is that I was actually at an arcade that HAS Golden Axe since we last recorded and I didn't play the thing!!)
  3. Wait...wasn't there just a new episode a few days ago? Well, yeah, but...let's talk about 1990. It was a time when we needed to pray just to make it today. (Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.) In this episode: The Year That Was 1990 - and how a teenage schnook deals with a new school and a new job Music for Schnooks - How a simple Christmas present changed an angsty teen's life forever https://schnookpodcast.com/2020/12/24/chapter-29-the-1990-episode/
  4. Unless you count Impossible Mission, then Fight Night. The computer player has special moves, while the human player does not.
  5. In the first release of December 2020, we look inside the mind of a 14-year Chicagoan, God help us all. In this chapter: ∙ About a Schnook – Does he live quietly? What are his personal habits? ∙ Music For Schnooks: Rubber Schnook – An approach to a classic Beatles album. British version? American version? A hybrid? https://schnookpodcast.com/2020/12/22/chapter-28/
  6. Next games are Hang On and...oh, crap, honestly, I don't remember. 😕 It's mentioned at the end of the episode though. You can post feedback here if you want, or tweet us @piefactorypfp, or e-mail us at piefactory@fab4it.com
  7. Pie Factory Podcast episode 118 is out now! For this final episode of the year, Sean and Jim talk about the world situation, economics, and their five Christmas wishes. (Wait, was that this episode? Hmmm...maybe that was another...) But what could this week's theme be? Is it games with pluralized round things in their names? Only The Shadow knows. https://fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode118.mp3
  8. I look at it as more of a tweak, much like the difficulty switches. If all that needs to be done to vastly improve a game is to quickly do a one-time switch-flip, it's hardly on the level of squinting to see better.
  9. I have to agree wildly about Donkey Kong Junior. Just...awful and buggy. And seriously, anybody who truly believes Pac-Man is necessarily a bad port, try this: flip the "TV Type" switch to B&W. You'd be amazed at what a difference that makes.
  10. I can't believe I have to admit, but I've never played Air-Sea Battle! But I'm going to have to say Sears -- because Combat requires two players. If all you have is the console with its packin, you can't rely on always having another person present!
  11. Just in time for the end of November, a super-sized Schook! In this episode: ∙ the best TV episodes ever -- or, at least some of them! and ∙ a very in-depth review of concerts Sean attended in 2020. A mammoth blockbuster if ever there was one! https://schnookpodcast.com/2020/11/30/chapter-27/
  12. While you’re enjoying turkey with your family, why not put Pie Factory Podcast on as your background? Jim’n’Sean discuss two fairly unusual arcade games in episode 117. And so should you. https://fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode117.mp3
  13. I hope those BOOOOOOOs I'm hearing are because it's Hallowe'en and not a response to this podcast! In chapter 26: Life as a Software Engineer - a peak into a schnook's web site job Music for Schnooks - The significance of rock'n'roll albums of 1970 By the way, post-production on this episode took a long time. To get this episode out in time for October, I didn't actually listen to the final product as I usually do, so if you notice any errors...you get a prize of...being smug enough to brag about finding them! https://schnookpodcast.com/2020/10/31/chapter-26/
  14. Once upon a time there were two Midwesterners named Jim and Sean. One was tall, the other was...well, also tall, but who cares? There came a time when the two decided that their mission was to discuss two arcade games from Japan, leading them to...well, you'll just have to listen to find out! http://fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode116.mp3
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