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  1. Episode 102 has dropped! In this episode, Jim and Sean study the intricacies of the contrapuntal philosophies of the next-generation trends of the upper echelon and how they relate to the hoi polloi's intrapersonal struggle with the id and the superego. Or...was that another episode?? Hmm...well, this episode talks about either that or a couple of old video games called Space Panic and Looping; we don't remember for sure.


  2. I've been really off the ball on my podcasts...not posting updates....well, I remembered this time.

    Chapter 10 actually does have a classic video game segment, so it's on topic!

    In this episode:

    • My SENIOR Year in High School - answering a frequently-posted social media survey
    • The Mysterious Phantom Pac-Man Game - For years Sean has insisted that a sequel in the Pac-Man franchise existed, yet nobody believed him.
    • The Doors Without Jim - What's the point? Well...


  3. Hey, everybody...I think it's about time I awaken The Atari 7800 Homebrew Podcast from hibernation! Let's start with this new title from PenguiNet, that technically isn't really a homebrew per se, but...hey, let me know whatcha think about it anyway.

    Because of its highly specialized custom chips, there's no way to emulate it right now, so you actually will have to play The Real Thing. Here's the link:


    It's a pretty expensive 7800 game, but even if you don't buy it, at least buy the (much cheaper) Windows version if you can -- it's worth having on any platform!

    I'm thinking my deadline will be Thursday, March 21, 11:59pm Central Daylight Time.


  4. The wake of St. Patrick’s Day brings the world a new chapter in this as-read-by-the-author book in podcast form. In this episode:

    Death of The Mad Russian - Six years to the day of his death, we must wonder: why WAS he so angry?
    Music for Schnooks: The Cliché-Free Love Segment - Sorry, no puns based on the name of the Elektra Records band, but…well, just listen!

  5. Might as well start a thread, eh? :)

    Once again, in downtown Milwaukee at the Wisconsin Center - which is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge (not quite McCormick Place or the Javits Center, but still huge)...weekend of April 13. I'll be there in the vendor space representing Pie Factory Podcast with my co-host Jim, and if all goes according to plan, we will be having an amazing contest (winner must be present). And we'll likely also be sharing space with frankodragon, who will be selling some of his Atari 7800 homebrews.

    I think Eugene Jarvis is one of the scheduled speakers. Brian Colin -- artist and creative force behind Arch Rivals, Pigskin 621A.D., Rampage, and others - usually sets up a display near where Galloping Ghost Arcade is. (If they bring Spectre Files, TRY IT -- it's a ton of fun!) Svengoolie will be there as well. Don't recall who else is going to be there -- I've just been focusing on my own planning and such. Guys, Games, and Beer usually has a nice room, and they're really cool people.

    web site is www.midwestgamingclassic.com

  6. Hey, all...I really didn't want to just pimp myself here, but Justin encouraged me to post updates about this podcast nonetheless. With his blessing...Chapter 6 is out!

    February is a short month, but not so short that a new chapter isn't published! In this episode:

    • Growing Up Catholic: Catholic School - Sean talks about his wacky adventures in education under the rule of the Vatican
    • Long Title -- Music For Schnooks -- Don't Meet Your Heroes: Talented Dummy Edition - In honor of a recently departed musical hero


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