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    Mostly 2600, but I have a 7800 and 5200. I kind of love the 5200 despite it being the biggest challenge to get everything working - those controllers...

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  1. Thanks! Ha yeah the long beam up sometimes doesn't work out too well for the beasties either - lost several that way
  2. Hey guys, been awhile since I posted here - I've missed a couple of good games I got 5,533 after several attempts. Man, game 4 is HARD. I made it past the lasers only once, and could not make it back after. My strategy is to wait until the guns reach their highest point, then leave the saucer just as they start moving down. Then I try to go left or right only (don't move any further down) and try to snag a beastie in the tractor beam ASAP. It takes awhile to get it from that height, but if I work quick I can manage to get one and return to the saucer before the guns rise back up to the top. I can only get one beastie per wave doing this, though.
  3. Imagic games are so pretty... and this has the fun factor to match. Does this mean we're playing the "sequel" next? 82,100
  4. Seriously such an awesome game. It's just 4 kilobytes. HSW is the man.
  5. Thanks greenween - there's still some time left! I've played this so much over the years. Never have broken the 200,000 barrier.
  6. 167,248 Man things get hairy when the Qotile starts changing direction mid flight. Great excuse to play this game today - love it.
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