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  1. I do think this was a good idea. It's just the way that Chuck E. Cheese's corporate responded.. In their headquarters, they have some of the robots in use for programming songs. They posted a video (https://www.instagram.com/p/BOBQNjUAmyD/) of Chuck and friends doing the challenge, but they are the walk-around versions of the characters(which greet and high-five kids in the stores). They aren't even imitating themselves accurately..ha. The original people also went to a CEC location to 'make it authentic', but the store they visited had a single-robot stage show version(with a different movement style then what they were trying to imitate).. https://www.instagram.com/p/BOQcT9ugiDX/ Eh, nobody is perfect.
  2. @Arenafoot: Thanks for sharing. Nice to know somebody worked there but did one of their lesser-known/short-lived operations. Also, thanks for sending over that link.
  3. The company did "No Late Fees!" a while back, but I don't know if this specific franchise does that.
  4. "Blockbuster Video Isn't Dead".. Yes, They are still open--some independent franchisees have been continuing business even after the 2013 close-out(s). At the time of posting, there is only 13 stores left. I made a site tracking them with a map. Enjoy! http://cybernight.elementfx.com/buster.html I figured this would be the perfect place to link it. Share all your nostalgia posts (and plans to road-trip, lol) here!! Spread The Word!
  5. @Discussion About Gamester81: I Never liked his videos. I Was only ever interested in one, and that was The GBA-to-SNES adapter thing. *shrugs*
  6. I've seen this video and I Think it's really interesting. The Brock story is totally true. In the merger, ShowBiz bought PTT, Inc. PTT Would have died if they didn't. Nolan's company never really survived. The Chuck E. Cheese name you see today is ShowBiz Pizza. The crash of '83 didn't really help either. He also fails to mention that Showbiz didn't actually own the Rock-afire so there was no way to keep them without buying the rights, to which the owner still keeps to this day, but they now owned the Chuck E. characters so they were kinda forced to use them. In many people's eyes Showbiz was the more teenage and better place, and I Do think they did the right thing..Nolan should be happy about them since they kept his company alive. *shrugs*
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