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  1. Wasn't Xnonx the ones that made the salacious games for 2600?
  2. haha I love Steve Martin his movies are always great! The Jerk, Blues Brothers and Father Of The Bride are all great ones.
  3. Atari should have made something like this. The Jaguar needed more games, maybe this would have got more people on as developers.
  4. that looks like a cool user group zontar. not too often you see people get together in clubs that way anymore. the newsletter even looks made on an old computer. I wonder if you have to live in their region to join the club?
  5. why are they posting atariage stuff in this forum?
  6. Somebody should make one for playing 7800 games on a 5200 or 5200 games on a 7800. It could play Atari 8bit computer games on 7800 too, the hardware should be close enough to make something like hat doable I would think. I'm no expert tho, anybody want to way in?
  7. That is some nice glassware. Did you get them all at one time? Do you drink from them or are they just for show?
  8. Was at the Coin-Op Consignment Auction in Sevierville, TN this weekend and heard good things about this web site and decided to join. Very cool group of people here.

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    2. The Professor

      The Professor

      Glad to have you join us BG :-)

    3. greenween


      Very cool, glad to see you here Bluegrass!

    4. Rumple Foreskin

      Rumple Foreskin

      hay thanks greenween glad to see you here too

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