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  1. Not game related but interested me a lot so I wanted to do a video on the subject.
  2. I recently upgraded my copy of Amiga Forever and saw this in the list of games included with the software and thought I would give it a go.
  3. My Top 10 Most Expensive Games on the Gameboy
  4. Mr Do for the Atari 2600. Short Let's Play.
  5. Cool little Homebrew for the original gameboy. This is a Horror / Adventure game with eleven endings.
  6. That definitely was in my top picks when I re-named my channel hehe. Went with something more friendly. Thanks for following.
  7. My most recent video playing the demo of Call of Saregnar. Very cool retro-looking RPG.
  8. Previously called Classic Contagious Gaming, I recently embraced my inner old fart and changed my name. Going to try and start posting my videos on here. Currently have a challenge for myself where I post a video a day for the month of February and also half of those are dedicated to the Gameboy line of hand-helds. If by chance you would like to join in the fun, please use the following hashtag so i can find it. #GB4AMONTH. Last GB related video I posted.
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