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Atari Games On Display In Local Arcade


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Here's a closer look at some of the awesome goodies we found at Lost Ark Video Games last week. It's just one display case, but it's overflowing with retro goodness.


Last week I posted a picture of this display case on our Facebook page and it received a really positive response. It was of this display case, with a caption saying "I love when you walk into a local arcade and are greeted by a towering wall full of Atari!" Thought it would be fun to post a follow-up video, even if it's a few seconds long I hope you enjoy it! This was posted to Instagram, which is why it's square.

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We revisited our friends at Lost Ark Video Games this week, and this is what we found. They had lots of cool new items on display in their classic gaming cabinet, including a complete Odyssey 2!


We bought a some great Atari items for our BIG Halloween Giveaway we'll be having on October 29th!





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