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Powernoid 2024 Official Release


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Hi Guys 🙂

Here's Powernoid 2024 !!

Press Up to launch a ball, and B to pause and display remaining balls.
The game has several "pinball like" gimmicks including multiball!
Performs well with Felix and Handy Lynx emulators.

Level One - Teleporter
Level 2x - Spinwheel Pop Bumper
Level Three - Teleporter and Gentle Spinwheel
Level Four - Wormhole and Multiball
Level Five - No Frills

Levels Six to Ten are duplicates of the first five, but with different colour combinations.

This project is more or less completed within the initial two week target.
Every feature in the iOS version has been implemented in the Lynx version.
The original Sony PSP version of Powernoid (2009) is still on YouTube!

Enjoy 🙂







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Update to the Lynx file
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