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Atari I/O Retro Junk Box 2!

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Good evening RJB2 participants and watchers. After almost a week, the RJB2 arrived from GreenWeen in CO to CA on Friday. With the holiday and my daughter's party I couldn't get to it right away.


The box isnt as worn as I first thought and I think it can go a few more stops. I scored a Mad Spy vs. Spy book, Computer Golf for the Odyssey 2 and a random joystick that is 2600 compatible. Next stop, RickR in OR.



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The junk box arrived in Oregon today.  Very heavy! 


Here is the good junk I removed from the box.

  • Atari and Activision cata-ma-logs
  • Mattel warranty card
  • Gaming mouse
  • NES Gretzky Hockey
  • Star Trek TNG card game
  • A Ninja turtle
  • PS1 Chicken Run
  • NES Bigfoot CIB
  • Barnstorming box only
  • Monkey Island cd
  • 12 sided dice

GOOOD junk.  Really good.  Thank you!  The box will be on the way to NY very soon.



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Last time, I forgot to take a picture of what I put in.  So I remembered to do that this time.


But now I can't remember if I'm supposed to post what I put in now or not.  Oh well, here it is.




















Oh man, I just can't do this with a straight face.  Ha ha ha ha ha.  Sorry everyone.  This is for humor only.  Don't worry!  I filled the box back up with GOOOOOOOOOD junk. 



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