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NLCS - Cubs vs. Mets


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Foot, it was a lie to  begin with because it also predicted a team called miami Gators was in the world series.

for it to come true the miami marlins would have change thier name to gators and move to AL.

no offence, but I am getting tired of the phoney predictions.

I'm a cubs fan and a baseball fan.

not a fan of phoney prediction based on movies

Still would have been neat to see the Cubs at least make it to the series.....I knew the Miami part was not going to happen.

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I am a diehard Hawks and M's fan born and raised in Seattle but now live in Dallas. That 2001 season. No Griffey and A-Rod and they managed to scrape that many wins. Bret Boone, Ichiro, Edgar, Cameron, Olerud, Moyer, Wilson, and Garcia just dominated day in and day out. I thought the 1997 team was better and I wanted them to win it all that year they had more of a complete team that season and as well as in '98 but fell flat that year. I remember being in tears of joy as a 14 year old seeing Edgar pull that ball down the line off of Jack McDowell to beat the Yankees in the division series down 2-0 and winning the next 3. Seeing Griffey's smile as he got dogpiled after scoring the winning run was priceless!

Well written!  I'm in Portland and love the Mariners.  Go to about one game per year.


They do a really good tour of Safeco Field.  If you haven't done it, I highly recommend it.  In the owner's box, there is a HUGE mural of that Griffey dog pile.  Goose bump moment seeing that.  Tour guide stated that win built Safeco field. 

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