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Thrift Store Finds


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7 hours ago, RickR said:

I haven't been to Goodwill since 2019!   I found some pretty good junk today.  The Enterprise-D toy is missing the nacelles, but I thought it was so cool, I went ahead and bought it anyway.  Maybe I can find someone to 3d-print a set.



goodwill 002.JPG

goodwill 004.JPG

Return To Castle Wolfenstein and Final Fantasy X2 would have made that trip worth it for me.  Those were once top games.

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It's not exactly a thrift find, AND it's been a long time for me, but I made a modest score at a little store that sells stuff found in unclaimed storage units that I found while in town for a lunch date today.

6 NES games; Astyanax, Bubble Bobble, Fester's Quest, Little Nemo: The Dream Master, M.C. Kids, and Tiny Toon Adventures.

Plus those various PS2 and one PS1 game.

All for $60 even.

Also found a copy of the Hyrule Encyclopedia at Walmart, and also got the new Lego Star Wars game.

All in all, it was a great day.


"I'd buy that for a dollar!" -Smash T.V.

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DT Racer I have and I could not get over how poor the controls were.  Either that or I was not understanding what the cars were expecting from me.  The game looked great otherwise.

Any NES games you find in the wild is an instant win in my book.  You don't find those in the wild very often.

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