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I have a couple of years experience with roll20.net.    My wife and I have been running games there since it started.

It is a very impressive tool that lets you design and manage the adventures easily.


The Mrs. and I also have our own voice chat server (Mumble) that we have had for about 4 years.   Atari.IO members are always welcome to use it!

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I may well have time to give it a go around the beginning of the year.   We might be taking a month or so off from the market o' fleas, which would give me time to prepare games if enough people are interested.

I'm really only comfortable running 1st edition AD&D, but we ARE a retro group after all.   I also have links to probably any rule PDFs we might need.

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first heard that back on doctor demento on the radio and when ever hear anything about it it pops in my mind

The staunch (and usually delusional) EXTREME "Christian" community often goes over-board with stuff like this, but I'm a Christian and I just want everyone too know we are all NOT like them, as a matter of fact, most of us are NOT like that. As the old saying goes, "it's the squeaky wheel that get's greased." And usually the minority of any group or religion who are the extremist morons they say this stuff, they are just ignorant and fear what they don't understand. Just like with terrorism and Islam, it's an extreme off-shoot minority of the religion. They've said this about Pokemon, Harry Potter, Magic the Gathering, DOOM and countless other stuff. What a load of CRAP. I would bet that many of you are unaware of the fact that J.R.R. Tolkien was a professed Christian. He loved Wizards and Dragons and Trolls, and Magic. He INVENTED many of the common fantasy archetypes common today.


leolinden and I had a short chat about this in the chat room starting with Slenderman and today's controversy over him.


 I love D&D (and Gamma World) role-playing. Though I always kept my love for it in the "closet" so-to-speak and secretly slipped away to be with my nerd friends to play, as I actually wasn't introverted and did have girl friends and a "popular crowd" social life in high school and college. I was the one "cool guy" in the group that all the nerds worshiped. They always wanted me to give them pointers on picking up woman and being "popular." I always said stuff like, "well for starters, lose the pocket-protectors and pens, lose the Doctor Who T-shirts and wear pants that go below your ankles and got to your waste, not half-way up your chest! Then stop slobbering and saying 'duh' when a girl actually talks to you."  :rofl: "Replace all that with sunglasses, jeans that go over your ankles, Nike's, and Van Halen t-shirt, jean or leather jacket, and when a girl actually says hello, say "rock on baby" and act dis-interested and aloof, because most of them are shallow nimpho's anyway." B) "And keep your nerdy tendencies out of public view, like I do." :thumb:

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Found this cool site. This would be cool to do some day! Maybe we could plan something out to do something like this.


I'd like to revisit your idea Leo. I think it would be a lot of fun to have a pizza night and play Dungeons & Dragons with you gents. Let's see if we can get enough people interested to get this started :thumb:

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