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Stay Frosty 2 - full version

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By now everybody has played the demo version of Stay Frosty 2 that was released last year. Due to shortage in Melody boards, the game never made it to production for last Christmas. While I was at the 2014 Houston ArcadeExpo, I attended Darrell Spice Jr.'s seminar Friday night, only to find out it will be out by this Christmas. Darrell had brought a cart of the full version to the show, to which it didn't work at all.  Darrell had to go eat after the seminar, but said if I catch him later at the expo, he'd let me play the game on his Harmony Cart.          

O....My....God!!!    Imagine.....the creator of Medieval Mayhem, Stay Frosty, Frantic, Draconian, and now Stay Frosty 2, is watching me play his game.....no pressure!! I get to the 8th level (demo has 8 levels but ends there) and i'm trying to figure out what to do since I've never played this before. I made it to level 13 before dying and Darrell shows me some easter eggs in the game (not going to share them - so don't ask) and has me advance to the final level 32....the Big Boss level. A huge Fireball! I'd say about 15 times bigger than the other fireballs in the game. I will definitely buy this one!!

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