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International Play Your Vectrex Day (Nov 1st)

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On the Vector gaming forums, founder VectorX would post occasional milestones the forums had reached. On one post in particular, he stated that right before the one year anniversary of the forums (on September 10, 2012), the site had hit 4,000 posts. Forum member gamezone responded (possibly as a joke) that September 10 should be known as National Play Your Vectrex Day. VectorX figured that it should be known as an international day to include Vectrex owners all around the world, which the idea took off from there, resulting in the date being settled on later as November 1, 2012 (as the month of November also marked the 30th anniversary of the Vectrex's release in the United States). This Day has been repeated every year since.










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sweet setup and collection........... you've never had Berzerk crash on you at all?

I've only recently got the unit ( mebbe two years ago ) & hadn't really tried to play til it crashed ....


I did notice it sounded like it was struggling in the 7K range with a LOT of robots on the screen furiously firing at times .... 


8K is my highest score so far on it


it IS a Hong Kong unit from only 1 previous owner who took good care of it :wub:

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