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Retrogamer81081's Game Room tour "The Compound!"

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what's that next to the Genesis model 1 ? ... looks like some sort of CD drive system


I need a Toploader NES :jelly:


also, is that a live animal on top of your PS2 games ?


very nice :thumb:

That is a model 1 Genesis and it is the Sharp Twin Famicom next to it. It was released In 1986 to play cart and disk system games. And that is my duster on top of my PS2 games. Thanks for the compliments!! :) Edited by Retrogamer81081

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Just got another VCS Light Sixer to add to the gameroom. Got it very cheap from somebody wanting to part with it on Atariage and thought I would give it the perfect home. Was going to take it apart to clean it all up inside and out but it turned out to be pristine and immaculate. I only repainted the cart slot bezel plate with orange paint marker around the trim. 



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