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Happy 36th Birthday Asteroids!


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I guess I missed this one earlier, still it's not too late to play a version. I'll have to see about downloading a version from Xbox arcade or something, since I don't have any version to play at the moment, with my Atari 8-bit and 2600 2600 Flashback in storage (I need to get the new home-brew version on cart, the vector version, it's on the FB IIRC). But my favorite version is Deluxe on the 7800, I think they did a really good job with the animated asteroids while still keeping the great original game play intact.


I wish the game Darxide, for the 32x was in NTSC form, as a 3D version would be cool, IMO, I've seen videos and it looks cool. Some guy on Youtube did a review and was mocking it, since it is just a 3D version of Asteroids, making fun suggesting nobody would want that. Another modern majority moron, IMO, I'd love it.


I'd hoped it would have been one of many, in a line of 3D's and 2000's on the Jaguar back in the day, with original, plus and 2000 versions. At least we got Tempest 2000, Defender 2000 and Missile Command 3D. And to a lesser extent Breakout 2000, though that could have been better. I imagine an Asteroids 2000/3D VR for the Jag, just like the prototype Missile Command VR. It's such a shame the Tramiel's pissed away such opportunities with their under-handed management tactics.

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I have tried the activision one back in the day, and thought they did a great job on it, but Asteroids along with many other will hold a special place in my heart knowing that I lived and experienced the origins of the video game culture which I will always be entirely great fun for. So belated Happy Birthday ASTEROIDS , your one in a million, even though I could never reach such scores :)

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