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Game Boy Color Chinese clone


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I was at goodwill the other week and found what i thought was a gameboy color in the box, but turn out to be a Chinese clone called the GB Boy Colour.


It has 188 built in gameboy games, it can play gameboy/gameboy color cartridges, and its backlit.


I was wondering if anyone has ever seen one of these before and knows the value.


Im probably not gonna do too much with it. Its probably just gonna sit on my shelf





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Yep im glad i got it. I was offered a trade for hero (2600) but im not sure i want to or not

HERO is one of the most highly regarded games on 2600, and rightfully so.   If the GB BOY is just going to gather dust, you might consider the trade.   You won't find HERO for 7 bucks!

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