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Okay, here's what I have to offer up as trade bait. I would really like to give you guys a crack at them before I put them on Craigslist. If you want to work out a trade, message me: the worst I can do is say "no". (Not likely, lol). All carts may have discoloration and mild label wear; anything beyond that is noted. All games are gently cleaned & tested before going up for trade.


ATARI 2600:

•Air Sea Battle (CX2602) 1981, Atari

•Asteroids (CX2649) 1981, Atari (face label damage)

•Asteroids (CX2649) 1981, Atari (top label lifting)

•Berzerk (CX2650) 1982, Atari (label lifting)

•Combat (CX-2601) 1977, Atari

•Combat (CX-2601) 1977, Atari (cart damage on face, label text smeared)

•Combat (CX-2601) 1977, Atari (face label off center, no top label)

•Defender (CX2609) 1981, Atari (no top label)

•Defender (CX2609) 1981, Atari (no top label)

•Donkey Kong, 1982, Coleco (heavy label damage, has original QAQC sticker on backside)

•E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (2674) 1982, Atari (face label smearing, no top label)

•Frogger, 1982, Parker Brothers

•Frogger, 1982, Parker Brothers (label lifting, one corner)

•Galaxian (2684) 1983, Atari (no top label)

•Ms. Pac-Man (2675) 1982, Atari (face label wear around center screw)

•Night Driver (CX2633) 1978, Atari (no top label)

•Night Driver (CX2633) 1978, Atari (no face label, no top label)

•Omega Race (4L-2737-0000) 1981, CBS Electronics

•Pac-Man (4975185) 1981, Sears Tele-Games (medium face label damage, no top label)

•Pole Position, 1982, Atari (face label lifting & marker)

•Raiders of the Lost Ark (2659) 1982, Atari (medium label damage)

•Raiders of the Lost Ark (2659) 1982, Atari (top label lifting, trap door doesn't return very well)

•Sky Diver (CX2629) 1978, Atari (marker on top label)

•Spider-Man, 1982, Parker Brothers (heavy label damage, 2 cracks on face of cart)

•Starmaster (AX-016) 1982, Activision (marker on face label)

•Warlords (CX2010) 1971, Atari (label lifting, top label torn)

•Yars' Revenge (CX2655) 1971, Atari

•Vanguard (2669) 1982, Atari (no top label)




B-17 Bomber

Donkey Kong

Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack

(All cart only)



Tetris (Nintendo)

(Cart only)



Madden 96 (label is rough)

(Cart only)



Pokemon Blue repro (sealed)

Pokemon Red repro (sealed)



Gran Turismo 2 (Greatest Hits), CIB



Need for Speed Underground 2 (case & disc)



Field Commander (loose)


XBox 360:

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

(Manual only!)



Let me know if you'd like to work something out! Thanks.

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I forgot to mention there's obviously some Colecovision titles there, and the carts without labels are Berserk and Football I think. ;)

List of stuff already spoken for:
Defender (Coleco)

Front Line (Coleco)

Qbert (Coleco)

Baseball (Coleco)

Private Eye (2600)

Robot Tank (2600)

Phoenix (2600)

Arcade Pinball (2600) 

Football (5200)

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I will have a lot of INTV dupes to add just as soon as I can figure out what I needed out of a new lot.   For now lets just say I'm a happy camper to find He-Man and Zaxxon in the same 26 game lot that I paid a VERY good price for! 

INTV dupes for trade (loose carts):



Armor Battle

Bomb Squad

Advanced Dungeons&Dragons

Tron Deadly Discs



Space Armada


As always I look for INTV, some Atari, and Sega Genesis primarily, but talk to me!!


Got a few extra Atari 2600 games to add to the list:
Summer Games



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