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Retro Play is a brave man...Here's his take on Donkey Kong for INTV.


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For an intellivision game, it's dreadful. People also hate the appearance of 2600 pac-man, but the difference between the two is pac-man has increased difficulty as you play. If I had the choice between Atari or intellivision for donkey kong, Atari wins out. Still waiting for a good homebrew version for Atari like they did with pac-man.

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It's that terribly slow jump on INTV Donkey Kong that gets me.  That's not Donkey Kong at all!  The 2600 version has similar limitations, but at least they got the "speed" of the game correct. 


To tell the truth, I never really noticed that the difficulty didn't change because as Retro Play mentions, I never played it more than a few minutes before throwing that monster back in the loch. 

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