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Manuals for Trade


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Who needs manuals?  I think they are fun to have, and interesting to read myself.  Post your lists of extras, and hopefully we can get some trades going.


5200 Manuals


Moon Patrol



2600 Manuals

Video Pinball





Intellivision Manuals

Space Spartans

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Got some Manuals for games goin' on here. I'd love to do a LOT, so I won't ship unless at least 6 are asked-for in a bundle. I want to trade these for games.


I'd like to trade for Loose games for any one of these consoles, if you wanna' trade:





Game Boy/Color/Advance





Here's the Contents:

- Paper Mario

- Twisted Metal: Black

- Toughman Contest

- GBA Action Replay

- "Your Journey Is Just Beginning" GBA Promo Booklet

- F-14 Tomcat

- QUAD Desert Fury

- Dragon Warrior Monsters

- ATV: Quad Power Racing

- Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

- x4 Game Boy Precautions Booklet

- Game Boy Consumer Information And Precautions Booklet

- GBASP Instruction Booklet

- Spyro The Dragon

- Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (PS1)

- The Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction

- Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

- Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

- Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver

- BattleTanx: Global Assault

- Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22

- MegaMan Legends

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Manuals for trade/sale.  Conditions vary.  Figure $3.00 for shipping unless you want enough that it goes over the 1lb First Class maximum.


If you have a trade list for me to look at, send it via PM! 



$0.50 each for the small black manuals. Brain Games is taken.



$0.75 each for large white manuals.  Missile Command comes in two sizes.  $0.25 for Asteroids insert.



$0.75 for top row items.  Phoenix is sold.  There's a VCS manual on the top row that has a torn cover (underneath the nice one) -- that one's $0.25.

$0.50 for the Green Atari catalog.  $0.25 each for Red Atari Rev. D and Rev. E catalogs.  $1.50 each for the Atari Stars '83 fold-out posters.

$0.50 for Atari Force 1.  $0.25 for Swordquest Fireworld comic missing cover.  $0.50 each for Atari 5200 booklets/poster.



$1.00 each for Activision game manuals.  $0.50 each for product catalogs.



$1.00 for Q*Bert manual.  $0.50 for Parker Bros. catalog.  $0.75 for Space Jockey. Lost Luggage is sold.

$1.00 for Summer Games.  $0.25 for extra worn Astroblast manual.  $0.75 for better Astroblast and Space Attack manuals.  $1.00 for M*A*S*H manual.

$2.00 for Spike's Peak manual.  $0.50 for Imagic catalog.  $0.75 for Demon Attack manual.  $0.75 for B&TB (Intellivision) manual.


If you want a large stack of manuals, you can also feel free to make an offer!

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