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Some odd labels on this Goodwill lot, any ideas?


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crap , yeah prototypes ... buyer got a good deal on them ... prolly see 'em on ebay 




I'm not fully sure why Megamania & Star Master isn't listed here yet ... this guy haz a pretty cool hobby documenting them



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I used to live in NJ, where Activision had a satellite office. There was a flea market near my house, and one week my brother in law went and said that someone was selling a bunch of Activision stuff, including protos. He picked up a Frostbite proto, which had the same red label w/handwritten sticker. It was called Iceman and had some differences from the released version. A lot of them don't differ from the released versions, but there is that one Pitfall proto with the 4 game variations that I would LOVE to own. Whoops, forgot my original point. It seemed to us that maybe they had a storage unit that got sold, or they finally got around to cleaning out their offices (this was around 1996). It was just weird seeing that stuff. By the time I got to the flea market, all I got was a Super Battletank hat. :(


Whomever bought this got a great deal!

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