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- Ω's - Modest Little Game Room

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Thanks for all the kind words guys.  It's a work in progress for sure.  I mean, does anyone ever 'finish' their game room? 




I love the Captain Picard decor on your wall too  :emoji-E420:  :vulcan_salute:


Thanks.  I'm a Trekker from way, way, way back!  I liked it until J.J. Abrams NUKED it. 419735ab17b43ee9d59ef4978c49c19a.jpg



I like the wall art, those are cool! did you make them yourself?


The mirror "Omega" symbol was designed and created for me by a guy (on another forum) that did the TI Logo. 

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I have little faith in Jarjar Abrams ruining all of our beloved childhood franchises. He's the harbinger of death for childhood dreams. Each one of his movies premiers is one of the seven seals being broken. I could go on and on...


You'll love this short little clip then....



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