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The Intellivision Flashback Megathread


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I already did a similar thread for the Colecovision Flashback. 


Now how about one for the Intellivision Flashback!

Just like the Colecovison Flashback, it seems sales were not strong enough for a follow-up system.

However it is Christmastime and you can still find the original in stores, sometimes on clearance.


Current Amazon Price as of this posting: Between $30-$50 (it seems to have held its value better than the CV FB)


What's in the Box?

-1 Console (Very light, cheap feeling with two buttons. Resembles a shrunken original model Intellivision. There is no Cartridge Slot or SD slot)

-2 Removable Controllers (Not compatible with the original system. Very similar to the original controllers)

-1 AC Adapter (resembles a cell phone charger with a small light to indicate power. It plugs in the side near the buttons)

-10 Pairs of Overlays for Astrosmash, Buzz Bombers, Crown of Kings, Minotaur, Night Stalker, Space Spartans, Space Hawk, Utopia, World Championship Baseball and Word Fun. You used to be able to buy the missing overlays from intellivisionlives.com for $15, but they are sold out right now.

-1 B & W Manual with a short paragraph for each game and pictures of the overlays.


You can see everything in this Unboxing video I did (Including a cool comparison of the new controller with the original controller):


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01 Astrosmash

02 Space Armada

03 Space Battle

04 Space Cadet

05 Space Hawk

06 Space Spartans

07 Star Strike


08 Auto Racing

09 World Championship Baseball

10 Slam Dunk: Super Pro Basketball

11 Body Slam: Super Pro Wrestling

12 Bowling

13 Boxing

14 Deep Pockets: Super Pro Pool & Billiards

15 Football, Super Pro

16 Chip Shot: Super Pro Golf

17 Golf

18 Slap Shot: Super Pro Hockey

19 Motocross

20 Soccer

21 Spiker: Super Pro Volleyball

22 Stadium Mud Buggies

23 Super Pro Decathlon (Decathlon)

24 Tennis


25 Backgammon

26 Bomb Squad

27 Checkers

28 Chess

29 Horse Racing

30 Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack

31 Las Vegas Roulette

32 Royal Dealer

33 Utopia


34 Armor Battle

35 B-17 Bomber

36 Crown of Kings (Originally Advanced D & D aka Cloudy Mountain)

37 Minotaur (Originally D & D: Treasure of Tarmin)

38 Sea Battle

39 Sub Hunt

40 Tower of Doom (see notes in Cons section)

41 Takeover


42 Brickout

43 Blowout

44 Buzz Bombers

45 Frog Bog

46 Hard Hat

47 Hover Force

48 Night Stalker

49 Pinball

50 Shark! Shark!

51 Sharp Shot

52 Snafu

53 Thin Ice

54 Thunder Castle

55 Triple Action

56 Vectron


57 Learning Fun

58 Learning Fun II

59 Math Fun

60 Word Fun


61 Baseball


Here’s my review of the system with footage for all 61 games!

Pros & Cons:



Great value (Including same rare games like Spiker)

Great reproduction of the controller

Large number and variety of styles of games

Solid (although not perfect) emulation



Missing some titles due to licensing like Burger Time & Masters of the Universe.

No third party titles.

Controller is not compatible with INTV 2 systems as originally planned (unless you get specially made adapter. Paul from The Intellivisionaires Podcast makes some)

Tower of Doom has a game breaking bug in most if not all systems (I heard rumor that it works on some systems, but have no proof of this)

Several games are not “pick up and play” and require time to learn how to properly play them.


Recommendation: Great value if you are a retro fan and don't have an Intellivison or if you are a big Intellivision fan. Overall, i would recommend it.


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As an owner of the INTV FB and one of the few owners of the INTV FB supplemental overlay pack, I must say it is a great alternative to the actual hardware/software. The controllers are right on (on my first INTV FB player 1 controller buttons 1, 4, 7 stopped working - brought it back to the store and another one). 

Yes some of the games do have a learning curve to them. My daughter and I last night, just found out that games 4, 8,12 on Snafu are a 2 player "chase the others tail" game!


Good review nos!

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