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Hardware Hacking Flashback Units

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I wasn't exactly sure where to post this one, so here it goes....


Has anyone started hacking 'Flashback' units yet?


I've heard these units come with some pretty lame games on-board, or are missing some of the best titles. I've also wondered if it might be possible to 'hack' some of these units.  It would be kind of cool if we could attach a ZIF socket to a unit so we could download, burn, then install the game(s) we want, when we want them.


I figure there's probably some major hurdles that might make it impossible, like proprietary programming no one knows anything about, or emulation interfacing, or even dealing with the small component size of the boards.  Let's be real here....SMT can really suck for the average guy who likes to play with hardware.


So, has anyone heard of anything? 

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Well, I wouldn't say they are lame.  It is missing some licensed titles for sure because I'm certain the licensing was prohibitively expensive.

I would say that what you're suggesting is doable, based on the fact that they are emulation based AND that the Sega version has an actual cart port.   I don't see why you couldn't add flash drive, SD card, or some sort of media reading capability to select more ROMs.

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I've seen these hacks so far of the Atari FB2........... everything else has been FB boards into Atari handhelds.




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The Flashback 2 was intentionally designed to be hacked with a cartridge port.  The engineers of the FB2 created an "Atari On A Chip" which runs the onboard ROMs natively instead of via emulation.  They went one better by putting the cartridge pinout on the board and IIRC instructions for the hack.  Later FBs run the ROMs via emulation and I haven't seen these hacked. 


Here's a link to detailed instructions of the FB2 cartridge hack from a page hosted by one of the designers himself:  http://www.atarimuseum.com/fb2hacks/page1.htm

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