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Show us your custom Jaguar

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I was cleaning my custom painted Jaguar system today in preparation to give it all a re-coat as it has gotten a few scuffs and scratches on console and CD unit and worn areas on the controllers, etc. and I decided to take some pictures. These are the before shots and I will show after shots when the re-coat is done. I am a stickler for keeping my electronics clean and looking new. I decided to go with a two-tone custom job since I could not bring myself to paint over the logo and other printed surfaces (except on the controllers, i.e. pause, option, etc. on my pro-controller; I intended to replace with stickers, but never got around to it).


I made two errors the first time around that I intend to fix with the new paint coat: I didn't spray the seams of the CD unit well enough and I at first attempted to cover the pause and option buttons on the pro-controller to save the print, but it didn't look good, so I sprayed over it which then left a ridge where I had covered it at first. I have sanded the area smooth so that will be fixed after the new coat.


Some of you may have seen my Jag system before as I showed it off at AtariAge a few years back when I first customized it. But I thought some others might enjoy seeing it, I do like to show it. It does have a blue LED power light, not shown here, too, bright enough to light up my controller ports and the ceiling in a dark room (I use a projector a lot). It also gives the my Jag's red a purple hue in the dark, which is cool looking.


The first time I showed it, some people commented that it looked like I had done a less-than-perfect paint job as there was an orange-peel effect, but this is not the case, it is the natural texture of the plastic and just looks that way from glare when taking photos. In real life it is apparent that it is the consoles texturing.


I also want to see other's custom jobs up-close, I've seen one or two in Avatar pics, but that's not good enough and maybe there are other proud owners who want to show off theirs? Painted, custom cases, what ever.


Sorry if the pics are dark, they looked too bright through my phone camera so I turned down the exposure, only to see them too dark when I loaded them up to my PC. I will do better with the after pics. I am currently downloading a picture edit program, but didn't have one right now to adjust the pics.












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For years and years, and when you order from them, updates and addendum's are included with your order. And it's not some small thing, it's like a Sears catalog, not the giant Christmas ones, but you get the idea. and it has tips and hints throughout, pinouts for all Atari systems, Atari "museum" pics throughout, it's literally an Atari resource, and encyclopedia as well as a catalog, about a half inch thick, like several hundred pages. but your have to order it and it does cost $10, but is WELL worth it. I'd post a pic, but I misplaced or lost it in my recent move and i may have to order one again, and I will, it's worth $20. I am always referring to it for all sorts of things Atari related and badly miss it. I spent hours trying to find it in storage after I soon discovered I didn't have it on hand like I thought I did, it's that much of a resource to me. Literally thousands of items listed, IIRC, around 10,000. From the smallest components to systems and games, cases, motherboards, EVERYTHING you will ever need for Atari, and components that work for other stuff too. I could write a book on this catalog. They have good reason to call themselves BEST ELECTRONICS.


I needed a new copy anyway, I'd worn out the one I had!

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Well, I think Best Electronics sells jag motherboards and it might be cheaper than ebay prices atm. but Best only shows a fraction of inventory online, so you need to call and ask and definitely get their full catalog, as it not only shows all they got, but is an encyclopedia of all things Atari too!

The last I heard, Best ran out of Jag motherboards due to these clear cases being made last year for the fundraiser of the Retro VGS. Not sure if they got more in.

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I like the colors on the Jaguar seen here. The red and black compliment each other nicely. I would probably not do it myself to either of my Jaguars (I have two Jaguar base units and two CD-ROM units each). It looks cool, do not get me wrong. I am personally afraid of taking away from their aesthetic collection value. I do not know if it would be like that. But, I shoot for posterity myself. Don't worry, I am not disrespecting the nifty paint job done on it, Bakerman. It's talented detailing. Great job. :)

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