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PRGE 2015 Looking for this Picture in Original Resolution

Atari Charles

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My friend found this taken at the PRGE 2015 posted on this forum in slideshow format(low res). Sadly, the slideshow has been removed. As I worked on this homebew Atari 2600 release, I would greatly appreciate it if whoever took this picture could email me or message me the original file (original quality picture). I really like the pic and it is nice to see a game I worked on being displayed in such a way.




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Member RickR has a similar photo posted, though it is from 2014 and the photo is darker. You can see it in his post here:


Nice pics.


But I am hoping to find person who originally took the low res picture I posted(friend grabbed it from a Slideshow), as I am hoping he will email me the high res picture. I helped work on the release pictured, and to see it running on an Atari 2600 on an old TV is pretty cool to see. To get the original high res pic would be even better.

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