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1989 America's Malls

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Boy, those pictures are great!


It also made me a little sad for our country and our current economy.

Maybe I looking in the past with neon colored glasses, but back in the 80's, it seemed like there were more jobs and businesses were booming. I even remember my childhood savings account earning something like 6% interest.  :spot:


Now, most of my childhood malls have either been demolished, run down or become ghost towns.  :(


I like online shopping, but a part of me misses the days of food courts, arcades and malls filled to the brim with an amazing variety of shops. Especially this time of the year when malls used to compete over who could have the best Christmas decorations!

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The Internet has brought us together from around the world even when separated by thousands of miles geographically, and forums like this are the only reason retro gaming communities and new games for old systems as well as all different types of on-line communities exist. otherwise we would all be playing are ancient systems alone, with no new games and many of us may have forgotten about them all together. But, this new social culture is also distant and cold, there's practically no face to face discussion anymore, almost no  playing games in the same room with friends, actual physical interaction, it's all Xbox Live, etc. now...


We have traded interpersonal relationships for distant, instant, pen-pal social lives. So much good has come from the Internet, but we are also losing ourselves culturally and intimately. It's just such a shame that we can't still have both. And what's with the youth of this generation and texting instead of actually talking to each other on phones and in person? My GOD, we have a generation of introverts!


Do teenagers even hang out together anywhere anymore? When I was a teenager, you couldn't keep me at home, we were at malls, arcades, cruising in are cars down main street to see who we could get together for a tail gate party drinking and smoking and having, uhumm...sex. Now they all stay at home and are one their PC's and phones interacting with texting and facebook.


Do high school parties exist any more? Social lives like in Weird Science and Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Or do they all drink and smoke separately at homes in their rooms and text each other about how bombed they are? I find it all very sad.

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I love technology and the net is pretty much the only social interaction I have anymore, being a single 47 year-old-man, but I am grateful technology grew up with me instead of me growing up with it. I'd hate to be a teenager these days! I'd love to be back in 1985 and young again though...

I can totally relate! 

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