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Rifftrax does it again, this time with The Wizard!


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I will most certainly check this out and introduce myself to Riiftrax soon! I have it bookmarked. But being in the middle of nowhere, I have Hughes net, and they limit me to 15G a month of high-speed, which I use up in a few days, of course, with HULU and Netflix streaming, so I have to wait until December to watch anything on my PC again. Just fast enough for surfing right now...I wish they had an unlimited plan, but NOOOO! Jerks. I have Hughes net because it's my only choice out here...I can't believe there still are areas in the U.S. without Cable and DSL, or even high speed fiber optics, but there are! I can't even get a bundle deal with DTV or Dish for a lack of support in my area. And to top it all off, my brother tells me Hughes net has unlimited high speed where he is, they're taking advantage of those living in remote places because they can! JERKS. On the plus side, it has forced me to get entertainment more from books again, probably a good thing for my brain. I've got a library card again for the first time since college!


Sorry to rant.

"Slugs, he created slugs?...Is this not the work of a complete incompetent? I would have started with Lasers, 8 o'clock, day one."-Evil (Time Bandits)

"...burn the land and boil the sea, but you can't take the sky from me..."-theme song (Firefly)

"I try to respect him, I really, really do, but he's just such a Smeg-head."-Lister (about Rimmer, Red Dwarf)

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