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My custom painted and modified/upgraded 1200XL system

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I was chatting with some of you the other night, and some one mentioned my custom painted Jaguar and I talked about other systems I had custom painted, modded, etc. and some showed an interest in seeing more, specifically my 1200XL and peripherals I had customized.


Instead of taking some new pictures, since it is all in storage, I tracked down some old pics I originally posted at Atari Age. And though the pics show a lot of the same things from different angles, it's to include close-ups of the different peripherals.


Now the only items that are custom painted are my Commodore 1084S monitor, re-dubbed the 60XL, my Panasonic printer, and an ST mouse and another generic mouse. the rest of the peripherals  and computer are all original finish, but with added fuji logos.


My 1050 has some new LED's and switches on it, which are there because it has built-in 1050-to-PC and SIO2PC hardware (com ports on back and not shown). And though my 1200XL doesn't show it, it's upgraded with AtariMax 512K Rambo compatible memory, dual-Pokey stereo sound board, Atarimax 32-n-1 OS, Super video 2.0, internal AtariMax MyIDE and well, some other stuff I can't recall right now.


Atarimax products: http://www.atarimax.com(Atarimax memory upgrade not listed, available by e-mail contact only)


I now use a com-2-usb cable with driver software for the PC for using A.P.E with the Sio2PC and 1050-2-PC mods in the 1050 (which also has ICD's US Doubler mod in it too).


Oh, and that 1030 modem has now been gutted and converted to an SD-card drive and a second MyIDE internal drive. (it was just the modem in these pics) 


I also now have installed The Atari GUI system by Flashjazzcat: http://atari8.co.uk I also do all my word processing on his fantastic The Last Word Processor, which uses all my 512K memory on the fly and has wonderful 80 column output that looks great with my Super Video Mod 2.0 on my 60XL monitor.


Sorry if all the pictures are dark, I had bad lighting at the time, but all can be seen relatively well if you click on them for close-ups. Pictures were taken over time and things are re-arranged from one pic to another due to this. I also restored the finish of my computer and peripherals since these pics, so all yellowing is now gone and they perfectly match the custom painted stuff. Eventually when I get my stuff set up again, I'll take new pics with better lighting and less blurry.


And of course I would love to see other peoples Atari 8-bit systems set-ups posted here, mods or not.










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It's all OEM except the monitor, printer and mice. So you know what OEM looks like, but Atari never had their own monitors for the 8-bit line and I felt it needed one for a truly matching system. Then I decided to do the Panasonic dot-matirx printer to match, since I didn't own an OEM Atari printer.

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