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Atari I/O Movie Club is a fun way of enjoying classic movies with friends. These are great movies and great memories, so let's savor them! Each month we'll take a look back at one of our all-time favorite movies, from the era we love most. This gives us a never-ending list of wonderful movies that we can relive and watch together whenever it's convenient. Later we'll discuss thoughts and observations, and share favorite memories of the movie here in the Forums. It's like a Book Club for retro movie junkies.


The idea here isn't just to have a mega-thread about a retro movie. Kind of like how we use Atari Day to make a meal out of celebrating classic games, the thought behind the Atari I/O Movie Club is to make the movie-watching experience a special event that we can really enjoy, and share with the ones we love.







Watching movies at home used to be a truly special event. Maybe someone had brought home an awesome movie from Blockbuster one weekend, or maybe you'd been looking forward to the network television premiere of your favorite movie on TV.


TV Movie nights were usually accompanied by the best drinks and snacks on the planet, and we enjoyed them while we gathered around the TV with parents, siblings, or on a date night. Adventure films, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, it was always a special treat. These are the memories that last a lifetime and bring our love for all things retro into focus.


It seems like over the years, some of the specialness and anticipation surrounding TV movie night has been lost. The idea of Atari I/O Movie Club is to bring back that grandeur and excitement for movie night, relive those old memories and hopefully create some new ones together.







  • Watch the movie at our own pace at a relaxed time of our choosing (we have all month!)
  • Make movie night something really special to look forward to!
  • Set up retro snacks, drinks, food, and popcorn!
  • Create a special night you can share with loved ones
  • Share with your date, kids, siblings, parents, and best friends!
  • Tie in with your Atari Day plans
  • A fun way to expand your movie collection
  • Share movie trivia
  • Share links to movie clips, podcasts, articles and websites pertaining to the movie
  • Share personal stories and memories about the movie in the forums
  • You've created a unique experience shared among friends in the forums



So get some popcorn and retro snacks, pop in a movie - maybe even on VHS, and gather in front of the TV for a spectacular night. Hopefully you can enjoy the movie with someone you love. We’ll make something really special out of it, dive in and really enjoy the night. No membership card required.






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